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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Ketts Bane

Nathan Garvin

You’ll get this quest when you travel to the northwestern quadrant of Eos, upon which time a stranger will communicate with you and express a shared hobby - killing Kett. Make your way to the Forward Station on the eastern edge of the Presson Dunes and from there drive west of a cliff and through the dunes to reach some Kett structures, where the Kett-killer is apparently holed up. Enter the structure and you’ll chat with your mysterious fellow hobbyist - Bain Massani - who will give you a a few navpoints; smaller targets to exterminate… small steps toward the ultimate goal of exterminating the Kett on Eos.

Defeat the Kett occupying the outpoust near where Bain has set up shop (left) then disable the generator they were guarding (right).

Disabling the Power Generator

Search the structure Bain is in and scan a Kett Core Encryption Tech to the north, northeast, loot a container to the northeast, then leave Bain’s base. A stone’s throw to the northeast you’ll find another structure, which is your first target. Kill the Kett in and around the structure and make your way to the northwestern-most interior section to find the Power Generator you’re after. Use the console to deactivate it, after which you’ll gain 540 XP, 29 AVP and +2% Eos viability. Not bad for killing a handful of Kett and turning off a console.

More Kett await a good smiting at the barracks (left) after which return to Bain for your reward (right).

Destroying the Barracks

Your next target - a Kett barracks - can be found to the southeast. Just drive off in that direction, take a detour up a ramp, drive south from the Forward Station and dismount the Nomad behind some rocks near the base. Fortunately the turrets on the roof of the base are just decorative, but you’ll still need to fight your way through a handful of Chosen, an Anointed and a Destined. Kill them all and you’ll get another 29 AVP, +2% Eos viability, and an XP reward.

Once you’re done picking on the Kett, return to Bain, who congratulates you overly generously for the trivial task you performed. More importantly, he’ll reward you with 270 XP. Score.

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