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Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Secret Project

Nathan Garvin

The Road to Resilience

Back when you first explored Site 1 (Promise) you should have stumbled across a Datapad which alluded to the efforts of some colonists at Site 2 to fight back against the Kett. Time to go scour the wastes of Eos to find out what they devised. Travel to Site 1 and follow the road east from the Forward Station, turning south and southwest as it does before ultimately leaving Promise behind. You don’t need the Nomad for this endeavor - Site 2 isn’t too far away, the terrain isn’t suitable for it, and there’s plenty of loot to grab along the way.

Shortly after leaving Promise the road will end in rubble and rocks. Loot a container near the destroyed shuttle, then continue south, southwest towards a collapsed structure. At the structure turn west and pick your way across the rocks until you find another structure to the left (south), which you can actually explore, although all you’ll find is an Engineering Requisitions TEMP to scan. Leave the structure and continue southwest through the rocky ravine to find another structure overlooking the ravine, inside which some Field Examination Equipment to scan.

From this third structure head southwest a short distance across the desert to find… some kind of camp? Somebody’s clearly been living rough on Eos. From this camp if you head south, southwest you’ll find a Remnant structure near a cliff, where you’ll find an Initiative Monitor to scan. For the task at hand, however, you’ll want to head southeast to find a structure overlooking Site 2: Resilience.

Scan the vehicle and the Destroyed Forward Station outside as well as the Resource Shipment Storage canisters on the side of the building, then note the tracks leading northeast into the desert. Follow the tracks until you reach a fork, at which point turn south and head downhill - the northern path will only lead you back to the first collapsed structure you explored - to reach Site 2: Resilience. Before you enter, however, search the sand just east of the energy fence to find a body to scan (Mayor West, Porter M.), which will foreshadow what you’ll encounter in Site 2…

Barricading yourself in a building will limit the avenues of attack available to the Kett (left). The Fiend is a living tank, with plenty of health and the ability to kill in one hit (right).

Kett Assault

Pass through the protective barrier created by Site 2’s still functional Shield Masts and head up some stairs to a building complex. Go through the only unlocked door - the one to the north - and in the first room scan a Resilience Ops Reception desk and examine a console and a Datapad. Once done, head into the room to the west and examine some junk to the north to learn a bit more about Resilience’s hasty - and largely doomed - evacuation. Scan a monitor to the north, then activate a Power Terminal to open a door to the south… unfortunately, this reveals a Fiend, who is all too eager to introduce itself.

The entrance to this building is a fine place to make a stand for a few reasons: this only allows the Kett one avenue of attack, the Fiend can’t get through the door, and there’s an Ammo Box in the room to the west. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture out when the opportunity arises, of course, just that the building will serve as a good retreat when things heat up… and with a massive Fiend breathing down your neck and two dropships worth of Kett (with plenty of Anointed and Chosen), you’re in for quite a fight.

Special Project Sigma

Kill the Kett and their pet, then scan a vehicle and an Auxiliary Hydro-Pumpjack east of the building. Once done, make your way to the southern end of the building complex to find that the door here is now open. Scan an Arrowhead Generator outside the door, then head into the building, where you’ll find a console to interact with. This console will give you intel on some “Special Project Sigma” - Resilience’s anti-Kett tech. When it seemed apparent the Kett were going to overrun Resilience (ironic settlement names are ironic) they split the project’s components into three parts, which you now have the pleasure of recovering. Joy!

You should have already recovered one of the components, which was found in the Kett base near the third monolith, and there’s another one nearby. Double joy! Simply head west into the next room and scan the screen on the ground to log this component, then leave the compound. There’s another component to gather, but before you head off into the desert, there’s plenty to scan and loot in and around Resilience.

Scan domiciles in Site 2 to reconstruct the colony’s final moments (left). You can also find numerous bodies scattered about for the quest “Task: Naming the Dead” (right).

Exploring Site 2

Jump onto the roof of the building you were just in and turn west, northwest to find an elevated structure you can explore. Scan the Multi-Frequency Array on the roof, then head inside the building and scan a hologram to get some flavor about the futility of Resilience’s defense, after which peruse the contents of a terminal and read some logs, if you wish. When you’re done leave the building and head down some stairs to find the body of another dead colonist (Ylar, Thysa)… one of many scattered about Site 2.

Leave the complex and hop down to the ground, then work your way around to the northern side of the building, where you’ll find some Kett Energy Shields you can scan, along with the body of a second colonist (Trenitus, Gordanus). If you’ve been following this guide, this should be the final colonist you need to find to complete the quest “Task: Naming the Dead”. Finishing this task is worth some XP, 23 AVP and +2% Eos viability.

Scan the colonist, the Kett tech and a nearby Initiative Hydro Scanner and work your way west to find another building. Inside you’ll find an Unfinished Hydro Manifest and some Adapted Initiative Core Tech - worth 100 Research Points when you scan it. You’ll find more stuff to scan outside the building to the northwest, which will complete your exploration of Site 2… aside from the odd deposit of Fluorite to scan scattered about.

Activate a console to obtain Site 2’s secret project intel (left) then search for the missing components of said project (right).

Securing the Third Component

Leave Site 2 behind by following the shore of the lake south, then southwest. A long, boring trek awaits you, ending when you find a crashed shuttle. Grab the final component from the wreckage, then return back to Site 2 and enter the building where you found the intel on Special Project Sigma. Simply scan the Adapted Initiative Core Tech near the console to get some XP, 100 Research Data points, 29 AVP and 2% Eos viability. More importantly, it’ll put an end to this quest.

Loot Around the Lakes

While this quest may be over, there’s still a bit of off-the-books exploration that can be done. You know… if you like loot and all. If not, skip ahead to the next quest, you impoverished soul, you. Otherwise… head west along the shore of the lake from Site 2 until you find a small peninsula to the south - a peninsula that just so happens to be covered with Initiative equipment. Search the site to find several containers to loot, as well as a Fluorite vein and a Vanadium vein to exploit.

For another bit of treasure, head northwest until you reach the cliffs upon which the first monolith is built. Use some rock formations to scale your way up to a ledge southwest of the monument and turn southwest to find an elevated rock formation you can just reach with a running jump and an air dash. From this ledge turn northwest to reach another such ledge, upon which you’ll find a Remnant container with a hefty haul of loot.

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