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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Task - Earn Your Badge

Nathan Garvin

War Games

You can start this quest after completing the quest “A Trail of Hope” by rescuing the Moshae, and although it starts on the Nexus, the vast majority of this quest takes place on Voeld, so… here it is. Make your way to the Cultural Center in the Docking Bay/Common Area of the Nexus to find an Angaran named Andraknor. Chat with him and he’ll tell you - soldier to soldier - that he’s a “Heskaarl” (Huscarl?), an ancient, esoteric special forces unit, and he’s interested in the human equivalent, the N7. Despite the fact that you’re nowhere near an accomplished N7, the “few tricks” you may have picked up from dad prompts him to propose engaging in some war games. So starts the quest “Task: Earn Your Badge”.

One challenge has you facing off against three Ancient Eirochs (left) while another has you killing a host of Remnant as quickly as possible (right).

Ancient Eiroch Beacon

Return to Voeld and you’ll find three shiny new navpoints, two of which are in the southeastern corner of the map, one of these is rather close to a monolith, so… this quest was postponed until now, when you’ve pretty much already explored everywhere. First turn your attention to the eastern edge of the map, where there are three Forward Stations in a row. Travel to the middle of these three and drive east and slightly north over the hills to find a search area. The beacon you’re looking for his on the slope of a hill along the eastern edge of this ravine.

Activate the beacon and Andraknor will contact you, after which your first challenge will begin - a pack of three Ancient Eirochs will show up, both from the northwest and southwest. Make sure you mark their locations so there are no nasty surprises, then… well, you know how to fight them by now. Keep your distance and keep shooting, although be wary, as with three of them around you’ll also find yourself subject to projectile attacks, too.

Remnant Rampage Beacon

Once their dead this challenge is over, but two more await you to the south. Fast travel to the Forward Station in the southeastern corner of the map. From here, drive towards the northwestern navpoint, which is east of the southeastern-most monolith. Locate the beacon, which is stationed amidst some some ice pillars. Activate it and Andraknor will make a challenge - kill the Remnant (fifteen in total) and beat his time. With a semi-competent character this should hardly be a challenge, just kill two waves of Assemblers and Observers, then smash a third wave of Remnant including the standard Assemblers, Observers and a Destroyer. Locate some cover and pop off the Destroyer’s turrets, then take out the crippled machine itself. After that, just mop up any stragglers to complete this challenge.

Hack a number of consoles (left) then stay near them for the duration of the hack and fend off endless waves of Kett (right).

Kett Hacking Beacon

Return to the nearby Forward Station to the southeast and from there head northeast to the third and final navpoint. Here you’ll find a Kett outpost - the Southern Holding Station. Activate the beacon near this site and Andraknor will give you your objective, which, despite the fluff story is basically just a prompt for you to repeat a familiar bit of gameplay. There are three Consoles you’ll need to hack, and after you’ve interfaced with the consoles you’ll need to stay close and fend off waves of Kett.

The area you need to stay within will be marked by glowing lights, and since you don’t need to kill the Kett, just survive them, you’re probably best served by marking their locations, taking appropriate cover, and killing any that get close. Just watch out for dropships that may threaten to flank you and after one location’s hack is finished move to the next and finish the process. When all three locations are hacked, mop up the rest of the Kett, then search some platforms to find some cages, inside which you’ll find containers you can loot.

Once all three challenges have been complete, return to Andraknor on the Nexus to complete the quest… hopefully, anyways.

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