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Mass Effect: Andromeda


Nathan Garvin

Talk to an Angaran Priestess in the barracks (the southern wing) of the Resistance Base and she - and possibly Jaal - will tell you about their religion. After accepting or rejecting a blessing she’ll complain about the number of dead or missing young Angara… which you think wouldn’t be noteworthy, all things considered. Apparently, however, these deaths were caused by a nigh-suicidal new belief among the Angara. Without a hint of irony the priestess will ask you to talk these “Gloryseekers” out of their foolish belief and perhaps save an odd life. The motivation may be questionable, but the cause sure isn’t.

Talk to the Angaran Priestess in the Resistance Base (left) then head to the Techiix Station to find the aforementioned Gloryseekers (right).

Make your way to the Techiix Station, where you’ll find some Gloryseekers led by an Angara named Sharaad. They’ll promote their peculiar brand of suicide before telling you about their partner, Tej, who ran off to go get himself killed by some Kett. Fortunately, they’re fine with letting you help out - the task of killing Kett is one meant to be shared.

Along the eastern end of the map are three Forward Stations. Fast travel to the central of these three Forward Stations and drive the Nomad southeast to reach the Kett station the foolhardy Tej is supposed to get himself killed assaulting. Speaking of Tej, you’ll find him cowering behind a ridge near the Kett station. Perhaps he’s not all that eager to seek glory, after all? Offer to lend a hand and the not-quite suicidal Tej will agree to the task now that the odds are improved.

Find Tej near a Kett outpost, where he’s wisely having a crisis of confidence (left). Do the heavy lifting for him and eradicate the Kett (right).

Make your way east to reach the Kett station, where you’ll find numerous Chosen and Anointed. Destroy all the Kett located here, then talk to Tej after the fight and he’ll continue to whine about peer pressure. Poor kid. Still, he’s not too cowardly to fight, and not so stupid that he’ll throw his life away. Before moving on to other things, don’t neglect to loot some containers inside the station and scan a Kett Core Encryption Tech pylon.

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