Todays Goals

  • Collect 4 pieces of Fruit
  • Complete the Tropical Wilds

Welcome to the last day of fruit collection. Sure we have to take on a Shaggy Long Legs, but compared to some of the days we’ve been through, today is mighty easy in comparison.

Target one is the Shaggy Long Legs. Using your first captain head to the Onion and call a large army of around 80 Red Pikmin, the issue a ‘Go Here’ command to the Electric Gate we knocked down yesterday, The one that was being guarded by a Bulborb.

While doing that have Captain 2 call in a group of Yellow Pikmin and set a ‘Go Here’ for where the crystal bugs were loitering yesterday (essentially the same place we just sent Captain 1).

Then send Captain 3 to the brown pressure plate, near to where the Blowhogs were yesterday. On the shore opposite where the Banana was buried.

Captain 1 time. Simply run through what was the Electric Gate and into the middle of this ominous arena. As you approach the centre, the Shaggy Long Legs will appear.

As with this chap’s relative in the Tundra, we want to move around its outside, ‘charging’ when it lowers a leg, and focusing on one leg at a time. Moving round each one, pulling all the hair from all four.

The key difference with this baddie? He will move between this arena, and another large area just north of here. We’re going to play a stubborn game, and only fight him when he’s in this arena.

So get to work attacking his legs, and deal as much damage as you can before the chap changes zones. When he does change, run Captain 1 closer to the entrance.

While the Long Legs is away, let’s look at our other captains. Captain 3 should be stood on the brown square to the north, near the lake where we fought the crustacean.

Captain 2 should be near where the Crystal bugs were milling, near the electric gate. Run Captain 2 to the central ‘island’, there should be an inlay at oe point with a tree stump laying over it.

Head in here and the camera will orient, giving you a clear view of a Red Bounce Mushroom. Lob our gang of yellows up here, and Captain 3 will be raised to this platform.

Check with Captain 1; is the Long Legs on its way back? Let’s assume so. It won’t take much more to deal with it, and you should get it on this pass, seeing it drop a lovely Kiwi at the same time. Set Captain 1 running back to the Onion.

Disguised Delicacy (2 of 2)

Back to Captain 3, up on his island. Run forward and call the Yellow Pikmin from their pad. No continue round, there is a rather thin path, adorned with mushrooms, leading up to an entrance. Head up here and drop down.

Oh hello, remember this enemy? Dispatch it quickly and you’ll get a raspberry for your trouble.

Juicy Gaggle (4 of 4)

Back to Captain 1. Swap your Red army for a Pink one and head to the river in between the onion and where you just were (the river with the small ‘island’ that had the cherry on it).

Head to the west of this river, where the bridge is, and you’ll find a little cave entrance; go inside.

Deal with the Joustmites inside, and then set your Pink ’min on the appropriate weed. Check the Gamepad to be sure.

Velvety Dreamdrop (3 of 4)

With these three fruits in hand, there’s only one more piece of sweetness to grab. Have all three captains meet and then head south-west of the Onion, the the bag ramp that you used to reach the Meerslug .

To the right of the bag (if you’re facing it) is a gap in the wall, lead an army through here. You’ll be faced with a few ‘stairs’, requiring you to throw your captains up.

Deal with the Cannon Larva up top, and then proceed to grab the final fruit in Pikmin 3.

Velvety Dreamdrop (4 of 4)

Well, done, that’s all 66. Use any spare time as harvest time, making sure to grab any Spicy Berries you can. Tomorrow is the final fight. Get ready.


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