Todays Goals

  • Defeat the Shaggy Long Legs
  • Collect 7 pieces of Fruit
  • Complete the Distant Tundra

First job of the day is to kill one of the most annoying enemies in the game, the Shaggy Long Legs. Take one Captain to the onion and recruit an army numbering ten Pink Pikmin and ninety Blue.

Now, head forward. There’s a body of water here with a Bamboo gate on the wall, lift it up and head through. Don’t worry about bringing the Pinks with you.

Run into this arena and you’ll see some eggs. Throw a Pikmin towards them and the Goliath will appear.

The Shaggy Long Legs can be an absolute pain. One stomp from the creature can eliminate entire groups of Pikmin, and it’s not a quick kill either.

The best way to approach this enemy is to ‘charge’ its legs one at a time. Wait for the leg to step, then charge it. Your Pikmin will climb the leg and proceed to pluck the hairs from it.

By focusing on one leg at a time it gives the fight an element of organisation – our Pikmin are always thrown off in a specific manner.

The best way to deal with the creature is to remove the hair from each leg as doing so will cause the Long Legs to instantly become bald all over.

Do not continue to attack a leg when your Pikmin can climb the whole way, they won’t be able to find a grip for all the hair.

Once all the Long Legs hair is gone you can then focus on its body, and let Pikmin climb legs fully. This is a dangerous fight, so be prepared to lose a few soldiers. Once the Long Legs is down, you’ll earn a fruit as a reward.

Stellar Extrusion (3 of 3)

With the Long Legs dead, it’s time to carry on. Run your captain back to the Onion as we need to sort out army sizes and what not before continuing.

Captain 1, Pink Pikmin army. Use the ‘Go Here’ command to send him to the Spicy Berry Plant over the bridge.

Captain 2, Twenty Blue Pikmin, send her down to the river, to the Electric Gate where you first passed Pikmin between Alph and Brittany when they were separated.

Captain 3, Red Pikmin and enough Pink to raise a Bamboo Gate. Send this Captain into the cave with the Splooges and fire hets, where you grabbed the Citrus Lump.

Captain 1 needs to head past the Spicy Plant, and to the left of the ramp, into the body of water. Around here you’ll find a piece of fruit sat on a ledge, charge your Pink Pikmin at it. ‘Go Here’ the Captain back to the Onion.

Face Wrinkler (3 of 3)

Captain 2 will need to avoid the attention of a Bearded Amprat , his target is the fruit found dangling over the water to our right. Wade in, kill the distractions and claim it as your own. Remember to ‘Go Here’ the captain back to the Onion.

Portable Sunset (2 of 2)

Captain 3 has the hardest job. Inside the cave head forward. Deal with the Splooges and follow the right hand wall, you’ll find a bamboo gate. Pull it up and get ready to move.

There’s a Spotted Bulbear that patrols this area and that means danger, these things are super tough Bulborbs and they do not die easily.

Immediately hang a right, following the wall. If the Bulbear is here, grit your teeth and keep moving.

There are lots of bombs around here, so set your Red ’min grabbing them before turning on your heels and blowing your formidable foe to kingdom come. Not the most elegant of solutions, but an effective one.

Clear the room of small Bulbears and then grab the fruit that’s sitting on its pedestal near where the bombs where. Set your captain to return to the Onion.

Astringent Clump (2 of 2)

Right. Remember where you fought the Vehemous Phosbat? Remember where you came out of that fight? We need to head there with an army of Pikmin and all three captains.

In case your memory is failing, head through the Electric Gate behind your Onion then swing a left, over the thin, natural bridge.

Looking towards the cave exit, turn right. You’ll see a red spring mushroom (the dodge whistle sits over this) and a few flying foes buzzing around. Drop two captains and your Pikmin onto the ledge and deal with the enemies.

Run to the right and you’ll soon come across some lovely grapes! Grab them.

Dawn Pustules (2 of 2)

Next, we need to do some trampoline work. Look past where the grapes were sat, you can see two red mushrooms.

You need to throw a captain and an army of Pikmin (including Rock ’min) over this chasm. Take your time and aim carefully.

Once over you’ll need to quickly dispatch a pair of Amprats, and then you can grab the part buried Orange and build a handy ramp from the hay bale.

Citrus Lump (4 of 4)

Painfully we’re still not done. Look towards the onion and follow the wall to the left, there’s another path here. Follow this up, being careful to avoid the Cannon Larva ’s shots.

Once you reach the enemy, knock him round the head and then use Rock ’min to free the last juicy treasure from its tomb before carrying it home.

Zest Bomb (3 of 3)

And that’s the Distant Tundra. Every lovely morsel of food gathered, congratulations! Time is slight on this day as it is, so I doubt you’ll have much to spare for frivolous tasks. Just ensure all your Pikmin are safe, we’re nearing the end now.


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