Below you will find a number of bullet pointed Facts about Pikmin 3.

These facts are invaluable pieces of knowledge, usually to do with the mechanics of the game, that are given to you to help you consider things at a more intricate level.

You do not need to know everything on this page to enjoy the game, they are merely presented for those that want to know the hard numbers in order to crunch the data.


  • A Day in Pikmin 3 lasts exactly 13 minutes.
  • Pikmin only need to be in a Captain’s group at the end of the day for them to be ‘safe’. To this end you can continue working up until the last second.


  • A Captain given a ‘Go Here’ command will run at the speed of a leaf Pikmin, which is a slower pace than if controlled manually.


  • A planted Pikmin will become a Bud after 2 minutes.
  • A planted Pikmin will become a Flower after 4 minutes.
  • Red Pikmin deal 1.5 times the damage of Blue and Yellow Pikmin.
  • Pink Pikmin deal 0.5 times the damage of Blue and Yellow Pikmin.
  • Yellow Pikmin dig at 2 times the speed of Red, Blue, Rock and Pink Pikmin.
  • Placing double the required Pikmin on a resource will mean it moves at 2 times the speed it otherwise would. There is no benefit to carry speed unless double the required amount are moving the object.

Ultra Spicy Spray

  • It takes 10 Ultra Spicy Berries to create one spray.
  • One Ultra Spicy Spray lasts for a total of 30 seconds.
  • Pikmin affected with Ultra Spicy Spray will automatically, and permanently, mature to their Flower state.
  • Ultra Spicy Spray causes Pikmin to move faster, and deal extra damage.

Game Flow

There are 7 story ‘elements’ that, upon completion, will be the only thing you can do in that day in terms of progressing the plot.

By this I mean it will not be possible to complete the next story element within the same day after doing said event, simply because you will need the day to end to be able to move to another area and to the access next ‘part’ of the game’s narrative.

To this end we can conclude that it is not possible to finish the game in any less than 7 days.

  • Crash Landing (Introduction)
  • Armored Mawdad (Retrieve Mobile Phone)
  • Venemous Phosbat (Rescue the Captain)
  • Sandbelching Meerslug (Extend Signal Range)
  • Scornet Maestro (Cosmic Drive Key Here? Nope)
  • Quaggled Mireclops (Cosmic Drive Key Here? Nope)
  • Plasm Wraith (Final Boss, and Cosmic Drive Key)
    There is more to each ‘gate’ than what’s listed, but each bullet point is the ultimate goal for that part of the game.

You’ll still be unlocking new Pikmin up until the start of the Quaggled Mireclops event, this is when you find the Blue Pikmin.

Considering this, a speed run should aim to reach this point, and rescue the Blue Pikmin, as soon as possible as this gives you the most versatility when re-visiting areas.


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