Todays Goals

  • Defeat the Vehemoth Phosbat
  • Collect Ultra Spicy Spray
  • Retrieve Five Fruits

First of all, let’s talk Ultra Spicy Spray . If you return to the upturned flower pot you’ll find a new flower has sprouted, a flower with five red berries hanging off of it.

We want those berries. Collecting ten of these berries will give us one Ultra Spicy Spray, a powerful damage and speed boost.

Pikmin will use an Ultra Spicy Plant in much the same way they do Bridge Parts, in that they will return here after collecting a berry. To add to this, berries continue to respawn all day long.

To this end, you want to bring four or five Pikmin to an Ultra Spicy Plant at the beginning of every day to build up a stockpile of the stuff. Believe me, it comes in handy.

So yes, have Alph or Brittany start by bringing a handful of Pikmin to this plant. The other captain, meanwhile, needs to gather up a large mass of Pikmin (of all three types) and head back to where Brittany got her second pile of bridge parts.

Remember the face in the snow? We need to use both captains at the ledge to the left to dislodge its nose and open a pathway. Head inside…

Lots of fire, yeah, but we need not worry about it. Look left, there’s an exit. That’s where we’re heading. To the right of this exit, however, is a circuit.

Pause and use your Yellow ’min to light the place up. Lovely. Doing this causes the nearby ’shrooms to blossom into platforms, and these platforms allow you to reach a fruit.

Citrus Lump (1 of 4)

At this point, send your second captain back to the ship. With your first captain, and army of Pikmin, continue forward. You’ll come to some crystals, smash them. You’re now in the very first area you passed through as Charlie!

Before we rescue the captain, however, we’re going to scoot to the right, back to where Charlie started his day. On the way watch out for the brown leaves, these are actually enemies.

Just throw Pikmin on top of them to dispatch them. Then, at the Tuna tin, thrown Pikmin up to claim Nectar.

Continue to the dead end and deal with the Larva Cannon , then set Yellow Pikmin digging on the mound ‘behind’ it. Now simply follow in the footsteps of Charlie.

Use Yellows to light up the next circuit at the dead end and say hello to boss number two, then follow him into his arena.

In the campaign the first you you should do is run right to the opposite side of the arena and head outside. Use your army to lower the bag, and then swap to Alph, gather up the idling Pikmin at base, and have him run into the boss arena.

With two captains it’s a case of moving around the arena, lighting up circuits and collecting the two piles of bridge pieces that are on opposite sides. Every time the boss falls, use Ultra Spicy Spray to deal extra damage.

The main thing to watch out for with the Phosbat is its breathing in. Try and avoid standing anywhere in front of its mouth – it’s dangerous!

If you’re having trouble locating the four circuit spots, consult our challenge mode video below.

Vehemoth Phosbat Video Guide

With the Phosbat down it’s time to grab your spoils. Including a new fruit!

Heroines Tear

With the boss down and out, the rest of the day is a bit of a run around for some remaining fruit.

Head back out into the corridor before the boss. Where the cave gets thinner briefly look up on the raised platform and you’ll spot a bunch of grapes.

These work the same as Bridge Parts – Pikmin will return to the grapes to gather them up until they’re all done. Chuck some Yellow’s up to start harvesting.

Dusk Pustules (1 of 3)

If you head back to where Charlie started the game your Pikmin should also have unearthed a suit upgrade for you. Retrieve this to bolster your captain’s abilities.

Your third captain, meanwhile, should be taking some Rock Pikmin to where Brittany started the previous day. There’s a Kiwi trapped inside some Crystals so you’ll need ten Rock ’min in total.

Disguised Delicacy (1 of 2)

The final piece of fruit for today is located right by the Spicy Berries, but you’ll need two captains as it’s up a small lip.

To the left of where the furthest Joustmite was burrowed the first day, pop a captain and some Pikmin up and you’ll find a plum atop this tree stump. Grab it.

Dapper Blob (1 of 3)

At this point my day was certainly drawing to a close, so gather up your Pikmin (not forgetting those on Berry duty) and prepare to tuck in for the night. Tomorrow we’re off to a new area!


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