Todays Goals

  • Defeat the Armored Mawdad
  • Retrieve the Mobile Phone
  • Harvest Pikmin

First thing’s first, let’s go beat up that Armored Mawdad ! This boss is located over the bridge that you had to separate your captains to reach, through the clay wall that was there.

I recommend taking a mix of twenty Rock Pikmin with eighty Red, if you’ve harvested that many.

Beating the Mawdad isn’t too bad. Move away from its mouth and focus on its tail. You need to throw Rock Pikmin at the last part of the Mawdad’s tail.

Throw enough Pikmin at it and you’ll break it. Break it, and then swarm its fleshy flipper with Reds when it comes to a standstill, you’ll be stunned at how quick it can go down…

If he ever manages to grab your Pikmin in his pincers then you need to deal damage, or pelt him with Rock Pikmin, to make him lose interest, else he will lick up a handful of your troops.

As long as you keep distance and focus on moving to the side when he attacks, you should be fine.

Armored Mawdad Strategy Video

With the Mawdad down, set your Pikmin to work. You’ll not only collect the important Mobile Phone, but you’ll also snag the Firebreathing Feast!

Firebreathing Feast

Assuming you did everything I mentioned in Day 2, on Day 2, then this is really it for available activities in the Garden of Hope for now.

Simply use the rest of the day to harvest pellets and corpses. Perhaps pull in a lot with Rock Pikmin to really bolster your numbers as ou’ll likely have plenty of Red Pikmin to your name.

It’s a good idea to use this time as practise. See those butterflys flip flapping around? You can take them out with a well aimed Pikmin.

What’s more any Pikmin that sprout today, leave them in the ground for four minutes before you pluck them and you’ll have some Flower Pikmin early. Flower Pikmin deal extra damage and move much faster than a leaf Pikmin.

Enjoy this downtime. There won’t be much of it.


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