Todays Goals

  • Defeat the Sandbelching Meerslug
  • Collect the Mobile Phone
  • Collect 5 pieces of Fruit

Today is going to be a busy day, so let’s get moving.

Start by calling out an even number of each Pikmin colour from the Onion, and having all two captains with the troupe, leave one at the Onion.

Head down the ramp and swing right, you’ll see an incomplete bridge. Proceed to throw one captain and a small group of Pikmin of each colour over before turning on your heel and attacking the nearby Dirt Wall (ignore the creature in the water).

Swap to our captain over the water and set his group on the bridge parts, and then on his Dirt Wall.

The main group should be done now. Run through the ex-gate and deal with the Whiptongue Bulborb . Use a Spicy Spray if you want, you’ll soon have more.

Once the Bulborb croaks have a look nearby, you’ll see a Pocked Airhead buried in the sand. Throw some Yellow Pikmin on it and they will get it out.

Pocked Airhead (1 of 2)

Retrieve the Bulborb corpse if you want, but otherwise swap to your captain on the other side of the river. Head into the next small area and deal with the Swooping Snitchbug – bring it to earth by throwing Yellow Pikmin onto it and then swarm it with your army.

With the bug down set some Pikmin on the small pile of bridge parts and then set a few Yellow ’min on the nearby Dapper Blob.

Dapper Blob (2 of 3)

The bridge should now be complete, so have the other two captains converge and meet up with our river explorer. Head right and you’ll see a Tree Stump.

We need to throw two captains and ten Pikmin to the stump, then throw one captain and the ten Pikmin to the ledge beyond the stump. A cute three captain task.

Have this third captain lead the ten Pikmin round and push the Paper Bag Ramp down. This ramp will give our full army access to the Meerslug boss.

I recommend returning all non-Red Pikmin to the Onion and take as many Reds as you can with you to the boss to make it all the easier.

Head to where the bag fell, run up it and head forward to enter the boss arena. You only need one captain for this fight, have your other captains waiting at the Onion.

The Meerslug looks far nastier than it is. Essentially, whenever it appears – be it poking out the ground or as a mouth in a sink-pit – you need to charge it. No fear, just lock on and charge.

Trust me, take a look at the video below, you’ll rip the Meerslug out of the ground and destroy it, especially if you buff your Pikmin with Ultra Spicy Spray.

To this end you should try and stay as close to the green blob on your Gamepad as possible, this will help you avoid the Meerslug’s rock projectiles as well.

Sandbelching Meerslug Video

Defeated the Meerslug? Well done! Get ’min on the Phone and Watermelon pieces first, this concludes the next plot element and gets a nice big bit of fruit. If you want, drag the Meerslug back for a big ’min boost as well.

Crimson Banquet

Quite a productive morning, once again, but we’re far from done.

Set your boss Captain to run back to the Onion and then swap to your other captains. There’s a cave behind us. We’re actually backtracking to where Alph started the entire game through here.

Dispatch the slug and continue on. A small family of Bulborbs are here defending a Fig hanging from a branch to the left. Throw eight Pikmin onto the fig to detach it.

Delectable Bouquet (1 of 2)

If you’re interested in making your captain’s electric shock proof then there is an upgrade to be found by throwing our heroes up some ledges on the opposite side of here to the Fig, but that is all that’s here. In many ways it can be a waste of time for something so unnecessary.

A better use of your time is to claim some more fruit. Take a troupe of Red ’min over the bridge, where we threw a captain at the start of the day, and head left.

You’ll pass under a waterfall, but we can’t grab the peach sitting up there just yet. Run past and you’ll find a few Slooches guarding a Lesser Mock Bottom. Dispatch the slugs and grab the treasure.

Lesser Mock Bottom (1 of 3)

While this is going on you should send a captain and a group of Yellow Pikmin to the Dirt Mound next to the Rock Wall which is by your Onion.

Digging in the dirt you’ll find bombs, these bombs can be used to destroy the Rock Wall and create a nice shortcut for your next jaunt on this planet.

You’ll get two bomb rocks from this mound, while another few can be found over by the Slooches where your other captain hadily is. You’ll need three to demolish the wall.

You should be coming to the end of the day now. There is some stuff you can do past the Slooches if you do have the time – don’t forget that Pikmin only need be under your command at the end of the day for them to be safe, not near the Onion. Otherwise chalk this one up as a success.


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