Todays Goals

  • Rescue Pink Pikmin
  • Free Trapped Lilipads
  • Collect Spicy Spray Berries
  • Collect 3 Fruits

Gather a full army of Pikmin alongside all three captains and run forward. You’ll spot the Pink Onion across the river, but we’ve got a bit of work to do before we can get there. Head down the ramp and kill the bulborbs, then use the lillipad. Hop off at the first opportunity.

Instantly smash the crystal in front of you and set the Rock Pikmin on the bridge parts, then throw a clutch of Yellow Pikmin on the fence to the right. Leave two captains here as well.

Continue along the path, away from the electric fence. Here you’ll meet a Puffy Blowhog . Focus on throwing Pikmin at this enemy after it commits to a attack, otherwise it will continuously shake your Pikmin off of itself.

Once it dies check your other captains. The electric fence should be down so head through and set five Pikmin on the Spicy Berry Plant here.

Return to the solo captain. Grab the bombs from the can and then head over the river. There’s a Flighty Joustmite here but you can easily dispatch him by swarming his back upon his emergence, exactly like his grounded cousin.

Bomb the nearby rock wall to create a shortcut. Now pop this captain onto a lillipad.

Switch to your other captains and head forward. Deal with the Yellow Wollyhop in the usual fashion (Rock ’min for the win). With the one Wollyhop dealt with continue round and start gathering the bridge pieces.

Leave one captain here and head to where you beat the Blowhog with your remaining Pikmin. You’ll see the lillipad captain sitting in the tree, whistle him to you, and then turn right and head into the cave.

Simply jog to the back of the cave and use Yellow Pikmin to complete the circuit, causing the mushroom pads to bloom and giving us access to the last pile of bridge parts. Head back to the Onion.

Back at the Onion return a handful of Pikmin to their home. We need ‘space’ on the field for the Pink Pikmin you’re about to meet soon.

Head over the bridge (if it’s not finished yet it should be complete enough to throw a captain and some Rock Pikmin over) and swing left. The leaves here are enemies, so dispatch them quickly.

The Pink Onion is in an Arachnode web, oh no! Lob Rock Pikmin at the Arachnode and it will die in no time. Just be careful not to leave any Pikmin in the web, this spider is merciless.

We now have a big chunk of the level where we need to use the Pink Pikmin, sprouting some helpers and getting used to their quirks. They may not be the best fighters, but the Pink Pikmin are rather handy at carrying things and can even circumvent water.

So use the Pink ’min to pull out the weeds around their onion. One is even a fruit!

Lesser Mock Bottom (2 of 3)

The main thing we need to do with the Pink Pikmin is to free the Lillipads trapped by a fallen branch. This is easily spotted by looking at the river.

Now is a good time to grab two Pink Pikmin fruits. Return to where you fought the Blowhog. There is a Pink Weed here that is hiding a piece of fruit.

Lesser Mock Bottom (3 of 3)

The other piece of fruit is sitting where we eliminated the Joustmite. Check near the river and you’ll spot a Fig sitting high up on a ledge. With Pink Pikmin under your command, target the piece of fruit and charge it. The Pink Pikmin will grab the fruit and carry it home.

Delectable Bouquet (2 of 2)

This is a manageable amount of things to do in this day. If you find yourself with ample time remaining then it would be an idea to start of the next day’s activities.

As it stands I see what is described here as a perfectly acceptable amount of work for this day. Put your feet up for a bit, there’s a boss to tackle tomorrow.


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