Todays Goals

  • Collect 9 pieces of Fruit
  • Complete the Twilight River

Of the 9 pieces of fruit we’re after collecting there are three pieces underwater, requiring Blue Pikmin. Three are raspberries, and thus tiny - these require Blue or Pink Pikmin as you need to travel through or over water to reach them.

One is being guarded by a group of large bulborbs, one is in the gut of a Burrowing Snagret, and the other is encased in Crystal, near where the Wollyhops are chilling out, near the first Spicy Berry Plant we found.

Split your captains as such: One captain should take a group of 20 Blue Pikmin, head down towards the first lillipad we used on the level. The fruit is in the water and to the right.

The second and third captains should call a large mixed army and be sent to the cave near the bomb rocks. The blowhog will be back, and will need to be dealt with.

Your water group will arrive first, so have them grab their fruit.

Citrus Lump (3 of 4)

Have your large army deal with the blowhog, then split it down. Send one Captain and a group of Pink Pikmin into the nearby cave, these guys are going to grab some Raspberries.

Send the other army (which must include Rock Pikmin) back to the east, to the Spicy Berry Plant.

At the Spicy Berry Plant we need to deal with Wollyhogs , then throw a group of Rock ’min over. Then, disband your army and trot through the water as your captain, then open up the crystal and claim your prize.

Dapper Blob (3 of 3)

Once done head back over to your army, leave a few Pikmin on the Spicy berries, and then set your captain to ‘go here’ at the bomb rocks, where the Blowhog was.

Inside the cave head into the water and follow the path right. Deal with the Arachnoid here and then head to the dead end, grabbing three fruit!

Juicy Gaggle (1, 2 and 3 of 4)

How are your Blue Pikmin doing? About time we set them on an adventure. Head to the ‘second’ lillipad – the one that takes us to the ‘other’ area.

From here look across the water and to the left and you’ll spot an opening. Head over here and you’ll find a lovely bunch of grapes, huzzah!

Dusk Pustules (3 of 3)

With the Blue Pikmin busy at work, let’s swap attention back to Captain 2, the chap at the Bomb Rocks.

Grab some bombs, and then head to the second area to the bridge that leads to the Scornet boss. Head ‘around’ this, looking out for the vicious leaves on the ground.

Around here there are three Bulborbs . Your captain will worry, but you should not. Use your bombs to dispatch the trio of enemies with ease and then start transporting the fruit back home.

Portable Sunset (1 of 2)

The Blue Pikmin should be done, so now is a good time to command them to join your captain in this area with a Go Here command.

While they are catching up, take your main army up river. Remember where you eliminated the Static Wall here? Past that, head left. There’s a Burrowing Snagret holding onto an apple, so deal with him.

The best technique is to simply use a Spicy Spray and then throw Pikmin at the Snagret’s head while keeping your distance. It’s weakest when it is emerging from the ground.

Insect Condo

The final piece of fruit is sitting at the furthest part of this river, underwater, near where we had to do the red mushroom bounce. Your Blue Pikmin should almost be here, so take them into the water and head towards the fruit.

There is a Toady Bloyster here, but he goes down incredible quick from a simple charge onto his tail. Do so, then claim your fruit.

Astringent Clump (1 of 2)

And that’s this day, as you’ve now collected every piece of fruit in the map. If you’ve got time left over then you should focus on hoarding resources to bulk out your army, but aside from that you can chill out.


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