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The Last of Us Part I

All Artefact Locations

Shane Williams

There are a total of 81 Artefacts that can be found throughout your Last of Us Part 1 playthrough and we’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding them.

You can find Artefacts scattered all over the world.

Where To Find All The Quarantine Zone Artefacts

Name Location
Note To Brother Beyond The Wall
Drafting Notice The Slums
Wanted Poster The Slums
Warehouse Key The Slums
Shipping Manifest The Slums
Docks Note The Slums

Where To Find All The Outskirts Artefacts

Name Location
Tess’ List Outside
Patrol Routes Map Outside
Evacuation Leaflet Downtown
Field Ops Log Downtown
Firefly Map Downtown
Note to Derek Downtown
Medical Pamphlet Museum
Firefly Orders The Capitol Building
Smuggler Note The Capitol Building

Where To Find All Bill’s Town Artefacts

Name Location
Pill’s Note The Woods
Perimeter Note The Woods
Note to Rachel The Woods
Bill’s Map Safehouse
Fences Note Safehouse
Hunters Note Safehouse
Bombs Note Graveyard
Boy’s Diary Graveyard
Siphon Hose High School Escape

Where To Find All Pittsburgh Artefacts

Where To Find All The Suburbs Artefacts

Name Location
Boat Note Sewers
Sewers Note Sewers
Trading Note Sewers
Rain Catcher Note Sewers
Cornered Note Sewers
Kid’s Drawing Sewers
Looting Note The Suburbs
Father’s Note The Suburbs
Survivor’s Note The Suburbs
Matchbook Note The Suburbs

Where To Find All Tommy’s Dam Artefacts

Name Location
Power Plant Map Hydroelectric Dam
Plant Schematics Hydroelectric Dam

Where To Find All The University Artefacts

Name Location
Sniper’s Nest Log Go Big Horns
Wall Panel Note Go Big Horns
UEC Campus Map Go Big Horns
Student’s Journal Go Big Horns
Newspaper Clipping Go Big Horns
Office Recorder Science Building
Fungal X-Rays Science Building
Lab Recorder Science Building
Firefly’s Recorder Science Building

Where To Find All The Lakeside Resort Artefacts

Name Location
No Pun Intended The Hunt
No Pun Intended: Volume Too The Hunt
To Get to the Other Side The Hunt
Riley’s Pendant The Hunt
Sam’s Robot The Hunt
Walkman The Hunt
Note From Mom The Hunt
Switchblade The Hunt
Joel and Sarah Photo The Hunt
Ellie’s Backpack Cabin Resort
Meat Ledger Cabin Resort

Where To Find All The Bus Depot Artefacts

Name Location
Family Photograph Highway Exit
Note to Wife Highway Exit
Salt Lake Q Z Map Highway Exit

Where To Find All The Firefly Lab Artefacts

Name Location
Surgeon’s Recorder The Hospital
Marlene’s Recorder 1 The Hospital
Marlene’s Journal The Hospital
Marlene’s Recorder 2 The Hospital
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The Last of Us is a third-person action-adventure game that was released in 2013 for PlayStation 3, and then recreated for PlayStation 5. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the population has been wiped out by a fungal infection. The story follows Joel, a smuggler who is hired to transport a young girl named Ellie across the United States, as she may hold the key to finding a cure for the infection. This guide for The Last of Us: Part I includes:

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