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The Outskirts: The Capitol Building

Shane Williams

This is a guide for the fourth and final area in The Outskirts in The Last of Us: Part 1. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to getting through the Capitol Building and Subway.

Tess sees a group of soldiers arriving at the building.

All The Capitol Building Collectibles

Trophy Collectables Weapons and Ammo Healing Items Crafting/Item Upgrades
Firefly Pendant x2 Hunting Rifle Health Bar x 2 Supplements x15
Firefly Orders Revolver Ammo x2 Alcohol x4
Smuggler Note Rag x4
Blades x6
Binding x6
Parts x4

Where To Find The Firefly Pendant - Melinda Davidson- 214

Head downstairs and and look for a body that’s tucked away in the corner to find Revolver Ammo x2 along with the Firefly Orders note, then grab a nearby container and place in front of the gate and climb over. You’ll want to slowly make your way through the water and enter the gazebo on the left to find the Firefly Pendant - Melinda Davidson- 214, then go inside the building to trigger a cutscene.

(1 of 2) Collect the Firefly Orders from the corpse near the stairs

Collect the Firefly Orders from the corpse near the stairs (left), then use the container to climb over the fence. (right)

Here you’ll discover the Fireflies you were meant to meet have been killed and something unfortunate has happened to Tess, so your adventure with Ellie will have to continue on. As you’re talking to Tess a large group of Soldiers will arrive, so Tess will sacrifice herself in order allow you and Ellie to escape.

How To Escape The Capitol Building

Once you regain control of Joel head over to the table near the tree to find some Alcohol x1, Rag x1 and a Blade x1. Pick them up and head up the stairs on the left, then crouch past the balcony to reach the next room. Before continuing onwards, go over to the back of the room and collect a Blade x1, Binding x1, Rag x1 and some Alcohol x1. Make your way over to the opposite of the room and pick up some Supplements x5, Binding x1, and some more Alcohol x1.

(1 of 2) Collect the Firefly Pendant from the floor underneath the gazebo

Collect the Firefly Pendant from the floor underneath the gazebo (left), then work your way through the first couple rooms in the building to find the Hunting Rifle. (right)

Head over to the hole in the wall and jump over to the opposite building, then pickup the Hunting Rifle from the corpse. Move forward and hide behind the table in the center of the room and wait for one of the soldiers to come towards you, then circle around the table whilst crouched and strangle him. Proceed into the room on the left and hide and wait for another soldier to enter before sneaking up behind and strangling him.

Go into the next room on the left and you’ll see another soldier roaming the corridor, so wait for him to enter the office at the back of the room before going in for a take down. Collect some Supplements x5 from the desk, then you should have one soldier remaining in the main hall. The best way to deal with him is to throw a bottle of brick to distract him, then sneak up behind and strangle him.

Head through the archway and head down the stairs, then drop down to reach the Tower Hall. Pick up a Binding x1, and a Rag x1 from the table at the back of the room, then go through the doorway in the back left corner and wait for a guard to pass through to strangle him. Go back into the room you came from and wait for another guard to walk away before taking him down.

(1 of 2) Hide behind a box and wait for the guard to pass you before strangling him.

Hide behind a box and wait for the guard to pass you before strangling him. (left), Continue ahead and enter the room on the left and wait for another guard to pass and take him down. (right)

Go through the doorway in the center and enter the room on the right to find a Health Bar should you need it, then enter the corridor up ahead and carefully make your way over to the table on the left. At this point the only item of note in the room full of guards is a Health Bar, so your best option is just to go to the exit.

Remain hidden and wait for the guard to walk away from the door on your left, then enter the room whilst crouched and hugging the left wall. Once you reach the exit you may need to strangle one guard standing there, but after that you are free to leave.

How To Get Through The Subway

Now that you’ve made it back outside make your way down the stairs into the Subway, then take a look to the right once you pass the gate to find some Alcohol x1 and Blades x1. Continue following the path around and a scene will play out as soon as you pass through the door.

Once you regain control, wait for the guard to stand near to you and strangle him, then wait for the second guard to investigate and take him out. Follow the path ahead until the room is flooded and you need to swim, then hold Circle DualSense-ButtonCircle to dive and swim underneath the ruble to reach the otherside.

(1 of 4) Wait for the guard to walk past and strangle him

Wait for Ellie and she’ll pick up a flashlight near a corpse, so climb up and you can find the Smuggler Note in the same place. Drop in to the water to the left of the corpse and dive under the rubble and climb up onto the surface to find Supplements x5, then drop back down and enter the room to find Parts x4 along with the Firefly Pendant - Shiyao Jiang - 178.

Return to Ellie and swim a little further ahead to find a wooden plank floating, then interact with it by holding Triangle DualSense-ButtonTriangle and push it over to Ellie. Wait for her to get on it and then push her over to the platform on the opposite side, then she’ll drop down a ladder that you can use to climb up. Finally, head up the stairs to bring The Outskirts portion of the game to a close.


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