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The Last of Us Part I

The Suburbs: Sewers

Shane Williams

This is a guide for the first area in The Suburbs in The Last of Us: Part 1. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to getting through the sewers and finding the Tools Level 3 Upgrade.

The team find themselves split up due to a trap.

Trophy Collectables Weapon and Ammo Healing Items Crafting/Item Upgrades
Firefly Pendant x3 Shorty Health Can x 2 Supplements x30
Anti-Particles (Comic) Wooden Stick Blades x6
Boat Note Nail Bat Binding x8
Sewers Note Lead Pipe Rag x19
Trading Note Molotov Alcohol x6
Bomb: Containment (Training Manual) Baseball Bat Explosive x6
Rain Catcher Note Parts x90
Cornered Note Tool (Level 3)
Kid’s Drawing Sugar x2

How To Unlock The Gate

Once you’ve made it out onto the beach outside, search the nearby shipwreck to find the Firefly Pendant - Josh Scheffler, then open the ships door to find a Rag x1, Binding x1, Boat Note, and the Anti-Particles Comic. From here, climb up the cliff and enter the sewers, then keep a lookout on the right until you see a path. Inside you’ll find the Firefly Pendant - Robert Righetti.

(1 of 4) Look for an opening in the sewers

Go back into the main pipe and follow it along until the path splits off, then take the right path and wait for Ellie to unlock the door. Inside you’ll find some Explosives, Parts x50, Sugar, Sewers Note, and Supplements x10. Return to the intersection and take the left path, then dive down and search near the vehicle to find the Firefly Pendant - Eddie Fuentes.

You’ll now need to unlock the gate, so dive back down and swim over to the gate, then interact with the object that’s jammed into the side and pull it out to allow Henry to open it. Swim underneath the gate and walk up the stairs, then enter the hole on the right to find some Binding x1 and Blades x1. Go back out into the open and climb up the ladder, then push the wooden plank down onto the water before entering the storage room.

Where To Find The Tools Level 3 Upgrade

Inside this room you’ll need to deal with Two Clickers, so sneak up on one and take it out with a Shiv, then use an upgraded melee weapon to finish off the second. Explore the room for Parts x25, Explosive x1, Rag x1 and a Trading Note. Dive back into the water and bring the wooden plank over to Ellie, then push her over to the platform on the opposite side.

(1 of 4) Look in a room on the left of the tunnel to find the Tools Level 3 Upgrade

Head down the tunnel and search the room on the left for Supplements x5, Blades x1, Rag x1 and the Tool Level 3 Upgrade. Go back into the tunnel and follow it along to find the Shorty from a table on the left, then inspect the shelves a little bit further ahead to find some Supplements x5, Rag x1 and the Bomb: Containment Training Manual.

From here, head down the tunnel on the left and go through the door and you’ll be ambushed by several Clickers and Runners, so throw a Molotov over to the left and equip the Shotgun then aim for Headshots as they get close. Additionally, make sure you have a Shiv available in case you get grabbed by a Clicker. Once you’ve cleared out the area, head up the nearby stairs and pickup the Rain Catcher Note.

(1 of 2) Grab the Rain Catcher Note from the nearby room

Grab the Rain Catcher Note from the nearby room (left), then go upstairs and collect the Cornered Note from the table. (right)

Go back out into the corridor and head up the stairs on the right, then enter the room on the left to find the Cornered Note and Supplements x5. Exit the room and go down the stairs on the left and head through the door to trigger a scene. Unfortunately, Joel activated a trap so you and Sam will have to find another way around. Here you’ll find Parts x10 and Alcohol x1 and a Rag x1.

How To Survive The Stalker Trap

Craft yourself a Shiv, Med Kit and Upgrade your Melee Weapon, then hug the wall on the right and take out one Stalker with a melee attack, then you’ll have two more approach you one by one, so take them out with a melee attack as well. You’ll now have Clickers joining the party, so use your Shotgun and aim for the head to take them out in one shot. If you get grabed then you have your Shiv to save you.

(1 of 3) Take out the Stalkers and Runners

If you notice the enemies are grouped up, then throw a Molotov to weaken them all and then a simple headshot will finish them off. After the room has been cleared out, search the entire room for Parts x2, Supplements x20, Sugar x1, Rag x1 and a Kids Drawing. Once you’ve collected everything, boost Sam up to the ladder in the classroom and climb up the ladder.

Drop down at the end of the path and follow the group into the next room, then help Henry open the door. Unfortunately, its locked so Sam will crawl through the vent and open it from the otherside.

How To Survive the Sewer Escape

Head up the stairs and drop down to the second floor, then you’ll need to wait for Ellie and Sam to open the door from the otherside, so you’ll need to fight a few waves of Clickers and Runners. Wait for the enemies to approach and block off the doorways with molotovs, then use the Shotgun to finish them off. Finally, leave the building to bring the Sewers portion of the Suburbs to a close.

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