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Chapter 5 - The Enemy of My Enemy

Shane Williams

This is a guide for the fifth chapter in The Last of Us: Part 1 DLC, Left Behind. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding and defending Joel.

Ellie takes a breather in the helicopter.

Return To Joel

Upon regaining control of Ellie, follow the path ahead and walk through the doorway on the right to find the Crew Photo on the floor. Go back outside, then jump over the barrier and you’ll find yourself up against several hunters. Pickup the Bow by pressing DualSense-ButtonTriangle, then wait for one guard to walk over to the left before pointing your Bow at the head of the guard on the right for a clean headshot.

Approach the corpse in front of the store and pickup Arrows x3, then sneak into the store and strangle the next guard whilst he is looking in the opposite direction. You’ll now need to deal with more hunters in this area, so wait for him to walk past the shop window and take him with your bow. With the area cleared out search every for Sugar x1,** Handgun Ammo x2**, Alcohol x1 and a Rag x1.

(1 of 3) Take out the guard on the right when the guard on left walks away

Head to the back of the area and walk down the narrow path opposite the Leena Moreaux Store, then crawl through the air duct. Here you’ll want to take the left path first to find the Duct Recorder sitting next to a corpse, then follow the duct around until you reach the exit. You’ll now come face to face against several infected and Hunters, so the easiest way to deal with this situation is to pick up a nearby brick and throw it over to the right side of the room to cause them to fight each other.

Once most of the enemies have been taken down throw another brick in front of you to lure any more enemies over to your direction and finish them off with your Bow. With both the Hunters and Infected dealt with, drop down and search the store for Rag x1, Alcohol x1, and Blades x1, then exit the store and approach the fallen vending machine. Climb up through the hole in the wall.

How To Fight The Humans and Infected

You’ll now find yourself up against more Infected and Hunters, so go down the stairs on the left and throw a brick out into the middle of the room and wait for the infected to clear out the hunters. Once it’s just you and the infected left in the room, so get into cover and throw a bottle or brick to lure them into your line of sight, then pick them off with your Bow.

With the area clear, search the room on the right sides for some Explosive x1, Rag x2, Alcohol x1, Blades x1, then head towards the hole in the roof to find Handgun Ammo x1 behind the counter. Finally, walk up to the second floor and open the shutter. You’ll now find yourself back in the mall, so collect the Handgun Ammo x2 and Arrows x3 from the floor, then equip your Bow and take out on the guy on the right followed by the guy on the left.

Defend Joel

Wait for a few seconds and another enemy will climb up via the elevator shaft and throw a brick at him, so you can strike him with your knife. Look down and shoot the guy trying to unlock the shutter before quickly getting back into cover, then hold DualSense-R1 to activate your listening ability and look for the remaining enemies on your floor and deal with them with your Bow before searching the area for Arrows x1 and Rag x1. Head downstairs and explore the area to find Handgun Ammo x2, Alcohol x2, and Blades x1.

(1 of 4) Take out the guard on the right with your bow

Attempt to open the Swirls Yogurt Store and you’ll find yourself getting shot at by more enemies, so get into cover inside the store on the left. Wait for any enemies to enter the store and strike them with your knife when they aren’t facing you, then slowly make your way upstairs DualSense-R1 to activate your listening ability which will highlight the remaining enemies which you’ll want to take it out with your Bow.

Search the corpses and pick up the Hunting Rifle, then once you’ve taken out the guy attempting to open the shutter you’ll have to face several Infected, so sit upstairs and wait for them to fight the humans, then pick them off as they come upstairs with your Handgun. Finally, open the shutter and the fifth chapter of the DLC will come to a close.


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The Last of Us is a third-person action-adventure game that was released in 2013 for PlayStation 3, and then recreated for PlayStation 5. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the population has been wiped out by a fungal infection. The story follows Joel, a smuggler who is hired to transport a young girl named Ellie across the United States, as she may hold the key to finding a cure for the infection. This guide for The Last of Us: Part I includes:

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