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The Last of Us Part I

Bills Town: High School Escape

Shane Williams

This is a guide for the fourth and final area in Bill’s Town in The Last of Us: Part 1. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to surviving the ambush and taking out a Bloater.

Joel and Bill can see the large group of Runners up ahead.

Trophy Collectables Weapons and Ammo Healing Items Crafting/Item Upgrades
Note From Frank Shotgun Shells x8 Health Bar x2 Supplements x5
Siphon Hose Blades x2
Binding x4
Rag x4
Alcohol x4
Explosive x2
Parts x19

How To Survive The Ambush

After you’ve exited the house you’ll notice the area ahead is swarming with Runners, so you’ll need to work through this area as stealthy as possible. Wait for one Runner to approach the concrete barrier and strangle it, then hide behind the car which is beside the school bus and wait for another Runner to walk away before taking it out.

From here, hide behind the wall on the left and wait for the Runner to walk past and strangle it, then circle around the bus and wait for the Runner that’s roaming the yard to look away before taking it out. As you get closer to the truck with the battery you’ll get ambushed by several Runners, so sprint towards the black truck and climb on to the roof.

Here you can take out each Runner individually as they climb up to you. Once the area has been cleared, approach the School Bus and boost Ellie up, then climb up the ladder she drops down and follow Bill to trigger a cutscene.

How To Escape The High School

Once you’re inside the school avoid the Clicker and crouch into the hall on the left and strangle the Runner, then go up the destroyed stairs to find some Alcohol x1 and a Blade x1. From here enter the classroom and take out the Runner and Clicker as they walk through the door, then go through into the other corridor.

Here you’ll need to deal with three more Runners, so either keep your distance and aim for their heads or if you have a melee weapon equipped then go in and smash away. Head into the classroom at the end of the corridor and you’ll find yourself up against a Bloater and Runners.

How To Take Out a Bloater

Keep circling the room whilst keeping your distance from the Bloater and avoid the Spore Bombs, then take out the two Runners first. Once it’s just you and Bloater continue to keep your distance and throw two Molotovs at it, then switch over to a Shotgun and shoot it two times in the head and it should go down.

(1 of 2) Take out the Runners first

Take out the Runners first (left), then use Molotovs on the Bloater to weaken it. (right)

After the room has been cleared out look for a Rag x1 near the door and Parts x10 from the cabinet. Next up, go over to the window and boost Bill up, then take out three more Runners before climbing up yourself. Drop down on the other side and follow Bill, then climb up the ladder to trigger a cutscene.

Where To Find The High School Escape Optional Conversation

Once you regain control grab the Shotgun Shells x8 from the corner of the room, then inspect the bedroom on the other side to find some Binding x1, Alcohol x1, Explosives x1, **Parts x9 **and Note From Frank. Take a look in the Kitchen to find some Supplements x5.

(1 of 2) Grab the Note To Frank from the bedroom

Grab the Note To Frank from the bedroom (left), then speak with Ellie in the garage, (right)

Head and talk to Ellie to engage in an optional conversation, then show Bill the Note From Frank and he’ll throw it on the floor. Pick it up and you’ll gain the In Memoriam Trophy. Finally, push the car out of the garage and fight off two waves of Runners and Clickers, then once the engine has started jump in the back to bring the Bills Town portion of the game to a close.

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