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The Last of Us
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 23-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-06-2020 / 13:24 GMT

The Last of Us Guide

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The Suburbs


**Trophy Collectables** **Weapon and Ammo** **Healing Items** **Crafting/Item Upgrades**
Firefly Pendant x 3 Shorty Health Can x 2 30 Skill Pills
Anti-Particles (Comic) Wooden Stick Blades x 6
Boat Note Nail Bat Binding x 8
Sewers Note Lead Pipe Rag x 19
Trading Note Molotov Alcohol x 6
Bomb: Containment (Training Manual) Baseball Bat Explosive x 6
Rain Catcher Note 90 Parts
Cornered Note Tool (Level 3)
Kid's Drawing Sugar x 2

You can find [(1/4) BLADES] in the nearby sloop, and the shipwreck up ahead contains a [FIREFLY PENDANT (JOSH SCHEFFLER)] inside the hull.

$$$item 3085

Move on top of the ship and open the door to find [(3/4) RAG] , [(3/4) BINDING] , the [ANTI-PARTICLES] comic, and the [BOAT NOTE] .

$$$item 3164

$$$item 3179

There's a [WOODEN STICK] to the far end of the beach, but other than that there's nothing of interest.

Climb the cliffs to reach a sewage pipe. When you exit the pipe, keep your eyes open for an opening to the right side of the tunnel, out of which water is streaming. Move through to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (ROBERT RIGHETTI - 219)] inside this room.

$$$item 3086

Head back.

At the intersection, head right. Open up the small fence so Ellie can unlock the storage room's door for you. Inside you'll find [10 SKILL PILLS] , [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE] , [50 PARTS] , the [SEWERS NOTE] and [SUGAR] .

$$$item 3108

Follow Henry down the other path until you reach a flooded area. Dive in the water and inspect the ground near the vehicle to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (EDDIE FUENTES)] .

$$$item 3087

The gate to the right is jammed; dive to see what's stuck and pull it out so that Henry can raise the gate. Swim underneath it to access a new area; climb the steps then crawl through the hole on the right side to find [(3/4)BINDING] and [(1/2) BLADES] .

Climb the ladder and drop the wooden raft down. Optionally you can explore the storage room behind the door, but there are two Clickers you'll have to take down. It's best to down the first one by grabbing it and using a Shiv (provided your Shivs have higher durability at this point), then killing the other with a brick, should you have one.

Search the place to find [25 PARTS] , a [HEALTH CAN] , the [TRADING NOTE], [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and [(3/4) RAG].

$$$item 3109

Bring the raft back to get Ellie across; she'll activate the generator so everyone makes it to the other side.

Follow the tunnel and inspect the first room to your left to find [5 SKILL PILLS] , [TOOL (LEVEL 3)] and [(1/2) RAG] . Move through the double doors and hop over barricade, then inspect the table to your left to find the [SHORTY] , a new weapon.

In one of the cabinets further down you can find the [BOMB: CONTAINMENT (TRAINING MANUAL)] , which gives bombs a 1.5x larger blast radius.

$$$item 3154

You can also find [5 SKILL PILLS] and a [RAG] here.

Proceed down the other hall and go through the door; several Runners and a Clicker will attack you, so waste them with a combination of melee and gunfire. Head inside the nearby room to find the [RAIN CATCHER NOTE] .

$$$item 3110

head upstairs afterwards and check the nearby cabinet for [3 PARTS] . Be sure to head through the door to your immediate left to find the [CORNERED NOTE] .

$$$item 3111

After heading back downstairs, check underneath the stairs to find [(1/4) ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) RAG] . Move through the door to trigger a scene.

After this, collect [5 + 5 PARTS] close to the door, along with [(1/2) ALCOHOL] , then proceed through the hall. Two Clickers will approach you; a very effective way to defeat them is to throw a Molotov at the first Clicker. If done correctly the second one will catch fire from the remaining flames and die as well.

There are a lot of Stalkers in this area, so grab out your handgun and start taking them out one by one. A headshot will instantly kill them, but is rather difficult to pull off.

A one-on-one melee fight is pretty much a surefire win for Joel as well, but you'll want to be careful others don't interfere. Stay on the move and heal up when it's absolutely necessary to do so. After defeating all Stalkers in this area, search the place.

The room beyond the yellow doorway contains [2 PARTS] in a locker and [10 PARTS] in a cabinet. There's a [HEALTH CAN] near some barrels in the main area, and you can find [10 SKILL PILLS] in the small room adjacent to the right hall. The cabinet next to the stairs at the end of this hall contains [SUGAR] , and you can find a [NAIL BAT] in the large bedroom.

Continue to the other side of the area and search the laundry in the water recycle room for [(1/4) RAG]. Look for a [KID'S DRAWING] in the cabinet in the classroom.

$$$item 3112

have Sam drop the ladder down for you and continue to trigger a scene.

Rush to the end of the hall, then help Henry push. When the door is finally open you can choose to pick up the [LEAD PIPE] , although the Nail Bat you already have isn't that bad either (considering it's got an upgrade).

Head upstairs and search the room at the end of the hall for a [MOLOTOV] and [BASEBALL BAT] (which you should wait with grabbing for now). The door is locked and a horde of foes is coming at you; you'll have to wait for Ellie and Sam to open the door from the other side.

Wait for the first enemies to appear and be ready to throw a Molotov at the doorway, mostly blocking the first wave. Have your Nail Bat ready to waste two to three more enemies, then grab the Baseball Bat and keep dispatching enemies. When the door's unlocked, immediately dash towards it to trigger a scene.

Surviving the Sewer Escape Video

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