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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 13-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 28-01-2020 / 09:34 GMT

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Guide

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Pieces of Heart

Listed in Numerical Order

Pieces of Heart by Numerical Order

This section covers the Pieces of Heart as they are listed in the Walkthrough.

Number Location Description
1 South Clock Town Atop the entrance to the Clock Tower.
2 North Clock Town Atop the tree in the northeast corner.
3 North Clock Town Complete the Deku Scrub Playground mini-game all three days.
4 Stock Pot Inn At midnight on Day 1 or Day 2, give the hand in the toilet a piece of paper.
5 West Clock Town Achieve a Perfect Score at the Swordsman's School Expert Course.
6 West Clock Town Stop the Postman's clock at exactly 10.00 seconds.
7 South Clock Town Deposit 5,000 Rupees in the Clock Town Bank.
8 Termina Field Defeat the Pea Hat in the hole near Milk Road.
9 Termina Field Defeat the two Dodongos in the hole north of Clock Town.
10 West Clock Town Wear Kamaro's Mask and dance for the Rosa Sisters at night.
Number Location Description
11 Road to Southern Swamp Climb to the top of the tree guarded by Bad Bats.
12 Deku Palace At the end of the west side of the Deku Palace. Must sneak past the guards.
13 Southern Swamp Show the man at the Swamp Tourist Center a picture of the Deku King or Tingle.
14 Southern Swamp Atop the Swamp Tourist Center. Must trade for Swamp Title Deed.
15 Woodfall Western end in a chest. Use the Deku Flowers to reach it.
16 East Clock Town Clear the Town Shooting Gallery with a Perfect Score (50).
17 Road to Southern Swamp Clear the Swamp Shooting Gallery with a Perfect Score (2120+).
18 East Clock Town Win Honey & Darling's games all three days.
19 Termina Field Change the color of the large Gossip Stones so they are the same.
20 Mamamu Yan's Doggy Racetrack Win at least 150 Rupees in a single bet.
Number Location Description
21 Goron Village Atop the highest platform. Must trade for the Mountain Title Deed.
22 East Clock Town Win the Treasure Chest Shop game with the Goron Mask.
23 Beneath the Graveyard Defeat the Iron Knuckle during the Second Night.
24 Beneath the Graveyard Defeat the Big Poe during the Third Night.
25 Pirates' Fortress Use the Goron Mask and step on a switch that raises the door down a ramp.
26 Pinnacle Rock Reunite the Seahorses by defeating all 8 Sea Snakes.
27 Termina Field Enter the hole near Great Bay Coast and shoot down the beehives.
28 Road to Snowhead Use the Lens of Truth and Scarecrow Song to reach the distant platform.
29 Great Bay Coast In the northern end, Hookshot high above and use a Magic Bean and Scarecrow's Song.
30 Great Bay Coast Feed the fish in the Marine Research Lab until one devours the other.
Number Location Description
31 Zora Cape Defeat the Like Like underwater below the waterfall.
32 Waterfall Rapids Defeat the Beaver Brothers a second time.
33 Oceanside Spider House Shoot the masks in the Dining Room in the correct order.
34 Zora Hall Trade for the Ocean Title Deed and fly to it.
35 Ikana Canyon Trade the Ocean Title Deed for 200 Rupees then fly to it.
36 Termina Field Watch the Business Scrub land via the Astral Observatory then purchase it.
37 Stock Pot Inn Listen to Anju's Grandmother tell the "Clock Tower" story. Must wear the All-Night Mask.
38 Stock Pot Inn Listen to Anju's Grandmother tell the "Four Giants" story. Must wear the All-Night Mask.
39 Zora Hall Play Japas' song for Evan.
40 Great Bay Coast Score 20 or higher in the Fisherman's Jumping Game. Must defeat Gyorg first.
Number Location Description
41 Mountain Village Find all 5 frogs and wear Don Geros Mask to play a song.
42 Road to Goron Village During spring use the Zora Mask to open the chest in the bottom of the lake.
43 Ikana Canyon Defeat all four Poes in the Spirit House.
44 Ancient Castle of Ikana Shoot the Crystal Switch from the roof and fly using the Deku Flower to reach it.
45 Secret Shrine Defeat all four Mini-Bosses and speak with the Poe Collector. Requires Light Arrows.
46 Clock Town Put on the Postmans Hat and check any mailbox.
47 North Clock Town Put on the Keatons Mask and summon a Keaton. Answer five questions correctly.
48 Mayors Residence Wear the Couples Mask and stop the argument in the Mayors Office.
49 The Moon Fly to it in the Odolwa Childs Dungeon.
50 The Moon Roll to it in the Goht Childs Dungeon.
Number Location Description
51 The Moon Swim to it in the Gyorg Childs Dungeon.
52 The Moon In the final room of the Twinmold Childs Dungeon.

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