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Nathan Garvin

A nice way to make money, you can box with a number of chaps in any bar. Half of them will box you, at which you make a wager (you can always get them to go to at least twice their base wager.) Left-click to hit them, then right click and hold to dodge. Some enemies you can just click away on and wail on them, others you have to hit-dodge to avoid taking damage. It doesn’t matter, you’re strong enough that it’s quite difficult to lose a fight, even against the quest fighters. Which brings us to the moral of the story-don’t get into fights with genetically modified mutant super-warriors.

The quest “Fistfight” centers around boxing, it begins in the Prologue and carries on until near the end of the game. All you need to do (after getting some initial training in the Prologue) is find the local champion in each area. Beat them and they’ll give you a prize, and tell you about a pugilist even more pugnacious than themselves. Completing the “Fistfight” quest will give you an item that allows you to complete another quest, “Won’t Hurt a Bit” , which will earn you one of the most powerful Steel Swords in the game.

Boxers Initial Bet Maximum Bet
Wimpy Fist Fighter 5 10
Fist Fighter 10 20
Tough Fist Fighter 20 50
Professional Fist Fighter 50 100
Locations (Chapter) Quest Boxer Reward (Choose One)
Country Inn (Chapter 1) Fat Fred 1) 100 Orens 2) Zerrikanian Spirit x2, Bread, Mutton Leg and Cheese 3) Gold Diamond Ring
Hairy Bear (Chapter 2) Butter Bean 1) Mandrake Cordial x2 2) Golden Necklace 3) 150 Orens
New Narakort (Chapter 3) Andrew Gablodda 1) Red Meteorite and Svarog Rune 2) Earth Rune and Svarog Rune 3) 300 Orens
Country Inn (Chapter 4) The Rock 1) 500 Orens 2) Yellow Meteorite 3) Moon Rune
Refugee’s Cave (Chapter 5) Zdenek Famoust Fist Fighter’s Tooth

Boxing Tips

Boxing isn’t too difficult, as I’ve said before. If you get the “Brawl” talent you can charge up attacks and unleash a devastating cheap-shot. It’ll deal a huge amount of damage if it connects, if it doesn’t win the fight outright. If you get the ‘Fistfight’ talent it’ll unlock new moves, which Geralt will randomly perform during fistfights instead of normal attacks. These are purely beneficial, and tend to strike twice for each successful hit, instead of once like normal attacks.

Neither talent is necessary. The way to win every boxing match? Make an attack, (left-click) and immediately after the attack dodge (right-click). Don’t hold the dodge button down, as normal, just tap it. This resets the animations. Immediately after letting go of the dodge button, attack again. Continue until victorious. Granted, some of the stronger fist-fighters will dodge some attacks, and sometimes the opponent will get the first hit in, but if you attack-dodge-attack-dodge~ you should almost never take any damage-much less lose.


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You are Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster-hunter known as a Witcher. Or at least you were. Mysteriously back from the dead and haunted by the King of the Wild Hunt, you have no memories of your previous life. While wintering at the weathered fortress of Kaer Morhen with friends from your forgotten former life, you come under attack by a mysterious organization, after which you set out on a quest for revenge. Along the way you’ll reunite with old, unremembered friends and get swept up in a power struggle between diametrically opposed factions.

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