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The Witcher (2007)

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The Heat of the Day (Part II)

Nathan Garvin

The Crypt in the Fields

Another day, another crypt… drink a Cat potion and explore. As soon as you enter you’ll need to dispatch a Cemetaur. No big deal at this point in the game. Use the Aard sign to blast down a shabby wall to the east, then dispatch a group of Alps. A crypt full of undead, who could have guessed?

Continue into the room to the south, and up a rubble-ramp along the southern side of the room to reach a corridor along the southern edge of the map. The key word here is “south”, if you didn’t guess. Along the way you’ll find all kinds of Ghoul-type monsters, Ghouls, Alghouls, Graviers, and Cemetaurs. There’s another destroyable wall to the south (there’s that word again!) beyond which lies Ureus . At this point in the game, it took only a single Aard to set the hapless Cemetaur up for a coup’de’grace. Who doesn’t love Aard? Loot a nearby trunk and backtrack to the first wall we knocked down… again, the rewards for turning this trophy in will be noted here, but the actual task of turning it in will be left up to you.

Objective Reward
For bringing the Cemetaur Head to Tobias Hoffman 7000 XP 800 Orens

Head north until you reach a four-way branch in the tunnels. If you head south you’ll find an empty room. If you head north you’ll… find another four-way. The room to the west holds a lootable corpse, and in the room to the north you can find a “Circle of the Barren Lands”. Back at the first four-way, if you head east you’ll reach a room containing a trunk, and the Grigg’s Santon. Loot the latter to obtain the mighty Cat Harness .

Objective Reward
For obtaining the Cat Harness 2000 XP

Exposing Alina

Now it’s time to recover the last piece of Alina’s Mirror. Head over to the “Ruined Mill” and, by taking advantage of a combination of stairs and wooden ramps, reach the roof. Here you’ll find the “Midday Bride” again, who holds the fifth and final “Shard of Alina’s Mirror” . There’s also a lootable corpse to the east of the mill… once the next little annoyance is dealt with.

Objective Reward
For obtaining all the parts of Alina’s Mirror 2000 XP

Of course, nothing is ever easy. After you grab the fifth shard, Alvin will show up, and complain to Geralt about how people mistreat him. It’s again up to Geralt to shape Alvin’s outlook by responding:

“Destiny isn’t everything. We are masters of our own fate.”

“Your visions are a gift, not a curse. It’s up to you to use them for good.”

“Keep your gift a secret. The lives of the gifted are rarely easy.”

The Scoia-tael-aligned Geralt advises the third option, while the Order-aligned Geralt picks the second option. The neutral Geralt picks the first.

Objective Reward
For giving Alvin advice about his gift 1000 XP

It’s time to get this mirror fixed, and there are two people who can do the job. First, there’s the Elven Craftsman in the Lakeside area, and then there’s the Blacksmith, in Murky Waters. Both will do the job for 100 Orens. The official guide invites you to take the forging time as an opportunity to complete some side-quests… this is so much bunk. Just go into any new area and return, and your mirror will be ready.

The perk about traveling to the Lakeside area and letting the Elven Craftsman do it is that we can travel to the Lakeside area from the fields, and hence we’ll have a shakey excuse to explore the thus-far neglected western edge of the Lakeside area. From the fields to the Elven Cave you’ll find a corpse to loot, and a basket near the lake… whichever you choose.

Get the mirror fixed, and with “Alina’s Broken Mirror” in your inventory, head back to the fields. Find the “Midday Bride” at the Raspberry Patch and talk to it. Alina’s personality will indeed come out, but (as Berengar predicted) will not realize that she’s dead. Alvin will come up and state the obvious, then pester Geralt. Geralt will again resolve to consult others who may be more in-the-know than himself.

Grateful Griggs

Your choices are more limited this time-either visit the Lady of the Lake or the Healer/Abigail. The latter is suggested due to simple proximity… and because we’re about to deal with the former shortly anyways. No need to rush that Sex Card , kids. Also, if we talk to the Healer/Abigail we can advance “Small Problems” by telling her we have the Cat Harness . We’ll be told to put the Cat Harness in the Santon near the bridge, wait a day, then see if the Griggs accepted the gift. If so, they’ll have left us a gift in exchange, which we need to give to Harn, so the Griggs will recognize him has a friend and leave him alone.

As for the quest “The Heat of the Day” our actions back in Chapter 1 are going to come back to haunt us. If we let Abigail die, we’ll be told we can’t put Alina’s spirit at rest “innocent blood” on our hands, and all that. We’ll be left with one option-another dead person will have to tell Alina that she’s dead. Otherwise, if we’re not playing with a guilty Geralt, we can get Dandelion to assist us-apparently spirits are vulnerable to good, old-fashioned, poetry. When we continue this quest shortly, consult the text under the appropriate heading depending on Abigail’s condition-if she’s dead, the text under “Abigail is Dead” applies to you. If not, check out the text under “Abigail is Alive”.

But before you bother with Alina and that nonsense, lets finish off “Small Problems” . Head over to the “Collapsed Bridge”, then search for the Santon to the north-east. Hand over the Cat Harness and-despite what the Healer/Abigail said-you’ll immediately get a return gift-a Four-Leaf Clover . Take it to Mason Harn for your reward… You can pick a book ( Spectres, Wraiths, and the Damned ), the services of the Mason’s son, Pat, or 400 Orens. All these rewards suck-you should already have purchased the book and Pat is just a liability, so you might as well just pick the Orens..

Objective Reward
For giving the Cat Harness to the Griggs of Murky Waters 2000 XP
For giving Mason Harn the Four-Leaf 4000 XP and one of the following: 1) 400 Orens 2) Spectres, Wraiths, and the Damned 3) Pat’s Services as an Archer

Exorcising Alina (Abigail is Dead)

You let Abigail die, you’re a bad person, you have blood on your hands. Anyways, that doesn’t mean you can’t complete this quest, and it doesn’t mean you didn’t get her Sex Card… so it’s not all that bad.

If you told Julian that Adam killed Celina, you’ll need to head over to the Country Inn and talk to Julian, who will hand over the key to Adam’s House readily enough. Head over to Adam’s House and ask him if he’d like to help Alina. The answer is obvious, and Adam will run off eagerly to help her… and you should follow to prevent Adam from doing anything stupid (the game’s words, not mine… well, now they’re technically mine, too…) If you didn’t squeal on Adam… well, he’ll already be in the fields, so either way, at this phase, head to the fields and find Adam at the fireplace north of the Raspberry Patch.

He’ll call himself a failure, and Geralt will for some reason try to stop Adam from doing the obvious. Alina shows up and Adam convinces her that she’s dead, and when Alina demands vengeance, Adam tells her “mission accomplished”… except unlike some American presidents, he does so after actually getting the job done. The two ghosts think they are terribly romantic, Geralt complains about said romance, then you’ll get a cutscene where Geralt doubts his Witcher neutrality. Considering how things ended up, perhaps we should have saved Abigail? Of course, how would we know that our refusal to save Abigail would result in suicide, and subsequently, ghost romance? Be sure to loot Adam’s body for a rather generous number of Orens-unless you’re too proud to pocket his 850 Orens.

Return to the Country Inn and tell Julian about what happened. He’ll give you a reward which is-frankly-pathetic for the amount of work you’ve done. Ah well.

Objective Reward
For helping Alina find peace through Adam’s suicide 4000 XP 400 Orens

Exorcising Alina (Abigail is Alive)

Head over to the Country Inn and talk to Dandelion. Dandelion, always faithful, will readily agree to compose something… as odd of an event as it is. Geralt warns Dandelion not to be funny, and not to provoke the Noonwraith, then tells Dandelion to meet him in the fields at sunset.

Head over to the fields and find a spot to rest-the game is actually fairly strict on the timing here. The fireplace north of the Raspberry Patch (where Adam sulks) is fine for this purpose. Rest until dusk, then head over to the Raspberry Patch and wait for Dandelion, who will show up shortly.

Talk to him when he arrives, and Dandelion will sheepishly ask for more time. Geralt tells him to improvise, and Alina will interrupt and settle the matter. Dandelion, ever treacherous Dandelion, decides that by “improvise” Geralt meant he should devise a two-voice poem, and force Geralt to do some of the work. Dandelion will start to be all bard-like, and you’ll have to fill in the blanks when prompted. Failure just means Dandelion will apologize on Geralt’s behalf and insult him. The two correct answers are “The deceased” and “A ghost”.

Once complete, Alina will complain that she cannot rest until she is avenged. This prompts Celina to show up, with impeccible timing. She shows off that she is, in fact, quite dead, and Alina is already avenged. The sisters then make up, Geralt reflects on the role of Witchers, and this time he defines it broadly-Witcher’s don’t just kill monsters, they solve human problems-a true recipe for political meddling if ever there was one, and a huge reason our neutral Geralt didn’t take this path.

Return to the Country Inn and tell Julian about what happened. He’ll give you a reward which is-frankly-pathetic for the amount of work you’ve done… but at least you’ll get more experience if you kept Abigail alive.

Objective Reward
For helping Alina find peace through Dandelion’s song 6000 XP 400 Orens

Celinas Peace

There’s one more thing to do with this business, even if it is off the books. Return to the fields after talking to Julian and completing “The Heat of the Day” and search for Celina, the Nightwraith. She could be wandering around just about anywhere, so search well. When you find her, talk to her and offer to help. She’ll notice that you have the “Wreath of Imortelles” , and you can give it to her to put her at peace. At the very least, it’ll get the item out of our inventory. Now that the quest “The Heat of the Day” is complete, we really just need to complete “Ripples” , which we’ll get to shortly.


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