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The Witcher (2007)

Hope Burns Bright

Nathan Garvin

Zoltan and Geralt-Refugee Rescuers

Head down the stairs from where you find yourself after the cutscene and you’ll run into Zoltan Chivay. Time to make good on your promise at the Dike to help out refugees… and since we have no real leads on where, exactly, our Strigacess is, we might as well help Zoltan. The Scoia’tael will be fighting the Order here, but since you’re buddy-buddy with the nonhumans, the Scoia’tael won’t be hostile-and will do a fair job of keeping the hostile Order troops occupied. Just as well, their loot still sucks, and both sides are endless, so ignore them.

Travel south until you reach the Hospital in the middle of the area, then go east a short ways and head north up an alley with the ‘Scoia’tael Hideout’ at the southern end. At the northern end of the alley, Zoltan will complain when the refugees are nowhere to be found. Dwarven cursing reveals them, however, and you’ll be joined by some Old Dwarves and Young Elves. Return to the Old Well to the south, then go east into the next alley to find the second refugee group. Zoltan roars to attract the refugees, and Geralt rightly mocks him. Now head to the Hospital.

When you arrive at the Hospital, Zoltan will tell Geralt about how to find out more about Raven’s Armor. Then Shani comes and, if you’re like my Geralt here, bitches at him. Finally, a guard shows up and tells Geralt that the Striga has been seen near the tallest tower in Old Vizima. This updates the quests “Armor” , “Her Highness the Striga” , and “Hope Burns Bright” . Ignore the urge to talk to the nurses and the urge to loot for now, we’ll get to it in time.

The Old Forge

Exit the Hospital. If you head north you’ll find the Scoia’tael quartermaster, who will be selling you weapons, runes, and other junk you don’t need anymore. Where you You really want to go is to the Old Forge, which is south of the Hospital. Inside you’ll find your good old friend, the dwarven blacksmith from Chapters 2 and 3. Talk to him and ask him about Raven’s armor, and he’ll run down a checklist of things you’ll need. This starts the quest “A Gnomish Device” and updates “Armor” . You can also rest here, and shop, for what that’s worth.

Objective Reward
For learning more about Raven’s Armor 1000 XP

The Striga and the Mutant

Now it’s time to find our Striga. Head south until you find Kalkstein’s Laboratory, then turn north to find an alley populated by some Temerian soldiers. Trigger a cutscene near the base of the tower and fight off the Mutant that drops down using the Fast Steel Style. Kalkstein will show up after the battle and will show too much interest in the thing.. as is usual for Kalkstein. He’ll call it a mutant, and make the obvious-and unsettling-comparison to Geralt. It seems Salamandra is getting better with its mutations, and they’re getting awfully close to creating Witchers. He’ll also share a rumor that points out an old church in the Swamp Cemetery as our Striga’s likely lair, and he’ll give us the book “Striga’s Urge” , in case we dispatch the Striga. This updates the quests “Her Highness the Striga” , “’Hope Burns Bright“ , and “Sweet Revenge” .

Objective Reward
For destroying the Mutant 3000 XP

Defending the Hospital

Return to the Hospital, where Shani will bother Geralt. They’ll be interrupted by a squad of Order soldiers who burst in, and as usual, they ignore our obvious badassness and try and kill everybody. Put them down, then talk to Shani again, who will complain about the immorality of the Order. Now that we’ve repulsed one band of Order fanatics, everything is going to be awesome, forever. If you gave Alvin to Shani in Chapter 3, it’ll be time to talk about your relationship. Say whatever you want, like Triss earlier, you can either declare your love for her, or tell her it’s a dream.

Objective Reward
For saving the hospital from the Order 3000 XP

Saving Toruviel

Leave the hospital and you’ll run into Toruviel, who is being accosted by a half-dozen Order goons. Put them down and she’ll invite you to come talk to her in private. Follow her to the Scoia’tael Hideout, where you’ll be bothered by an Elf asking you to help take the barricades from White Rayla-doing so will ensure the Scoia’tael’s victory in Old Vizima. Pick option #1 to talk to Toruviel, and when she states she couldn’t leave her brethren here to die, pick any option. It’ll end in a sexual proposition, and if you pick option #1, you’ll get the “Toruviel” Sex Card . Picking option #1 “I see…” when talking to Toruviel is pretty funny… no time’s a bad time for some lovin’ if you are Geralt.

Objective Reward
For saving Toruviel and meeting up at the Scoia’tael Hideout 5000 XP

Breaking Through

You’ll be given the chance to rest now, which honestly is pretty unnecessary on the normal difficulty. Rest, prepare potions, level up, or don’t, then head outside. Zoltan will chat with you, and reveal the galvanizing effect your help at Murky Waters has had on Toruviel, and in return, what effect she’s had on Yaevinn. Watch a cutscene where Geralt

defends his stance, then, with a roar, it’s time to charge the barricades, tiger-style.

Take the road leading south-west from the Hospital to reach the barricade-opposite the Dike. Dispatch the Order troops you find, and Zoltan will reveal that Toruviel is on “the left flank”. Head to the north next to the Order’s Command Post, then west between a pair of burning houses. Blast some rubble with the Aard sign, then dispatch another group of Order goons.

Afterwards Toruviel will reunite with you and tell you the plan-we do the wet work, while Yaevinn carries out some plan or another. Continue between some more burning buildings to the south-east, blast some debris to the north, then attack a horde of Order soldiers. Remember, this is strategy we’re employing… a strategy so ingenius, a moron could have come up with it!

Chop the Order enemies into bite-sized bits of Orderling, then continue until you trigger a cutscene where White Rayla will be shot down. Couldn’t happen to a nicer girl. You’ll shortly find yourself in the Swamp Cemetery, and the quest ‘Hope Burns Bright’ will end.

Objective Reward
For breaking through to the Swamp Cemetery 9000 XP
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