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Dice Poker

Nathan Garvin

This mini-game is absolutely aggravating at times… But it makes good money and experience, especially in the later chapters. It’s really simple, poker with dice, best two-out-of three rounds wins the game. Just save and reload until you win. If you start out with a good hand (comparatively) bet aggressively and the computer might yield. Otherwise, just play the odds.

Aside from making money, defeating ranked opponents is the objective of the “Dice Poker” quests. Some higher-ranked opponents won’t play you until you’ve proven yourself against lesser challengers. The ranks are None (you can play with them, but winning won’t earn you any status), Novice, Professional, and Sharper. Defeat three Novice players and you’ll become a Professional, win against four Professionals to become a Sharper, and prove yourself against three Sharpers to be able to challenge the Legendary player near the end of the game. You can procrastinate qutie a bit with these quests, but there’s really no point in waiting. If you haven’t completed “Dice Poker: The Novice” by the end of Chapter 3, you can’t complete this questline, but… since you can accomplish this in Chapter 1, there’s really no excuse.

Chapter 1 Dice Players Maximum Starting Bet Rank
Gambler 5 None
Haren Brogg 20 Novice
Mikul 10 Novice
Odo 20 Novice
Zoltan Chivay 20 Novice
Chapter 2 Dice Players Maximum Starting Bet Rank
Carmen 30 Novice
Elven Convict 5 None
Gambler 5 None
Gardener 20 Novice
Munro Bruys 40 Professional
Thaler 110 Professional
Vaska 10 Novice
Zoltan Chivay 20 Novice
Chapter 3 Dice Players Maximum Starting Bet Rank
Carmen 30 Novice
Dandelion 60 None
Count de Wett 60 Professional
Gambler 5 None
Gambler 6 None
Gambler 8 None
Gardener 20 Novice
Hierophant 40 Professional
Koster 20 Sharper
Munro Bruys 40 Professional
Vaska 10 Novice
Velerad 40 Professional
Zoltan Chivay 20 Novice
Chapter 4 Dice Players Maximum Starting Bet Rank
Chireadan 110 Sharper
Dandelion 60 Sharper
Gambler 10 None
Gambling Ghost 110 Sharper
Hermit 80 Professional
Julian 110 Professional
Tobias Hoffman 80 Professional

Make a wager and roll the dice to start a game of Dice Poker (left). Best two-out-of-three wins the game. Instead of numbered and face cards, your "hands" consist of dice results, using largely the same rules as regular poker (right).

You roll five dice, and then you can select any number of dice to reroll. As in normal poker, higher numbers win, so a two-of-a-kind of fours would beat a two-of-a-kind of ones. In a tie, the player with the next highest die wins. If you both have three-of-a-kind in threes, and you have a four as your next highest, and they have a six, they win. It is possible to draw, but this is rather unlikely. The “hands” are as follows from weakest “hand” to best:

Dice Poker Hands (From Worst to Best)
One of a Kind
Two of a Kind
Two Pair
Three of a Kind
Five High Straight
Six High Straight
Full House
Four of a Kind
Five of a Kind


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You are Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster-hunter known as a Witcher. Or at least you were. Mysteriously back from the dead and haunted by the King of the Wild Hunt, you have no memories of your previous life. While wintering at the weathered fortress of Kaer Morhen with friends from your forgotten former life, you come under attack by a mysterious organization, after which you set out on a quest for revenge. Along the way you’ll reunite with old, unremembered friends and get swept up in a power struggle between diametrically opposed factions.

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  • “The Witchers Three” covers all the moral choices in The Witcher.
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  • Notes on how your choices in The Witcher will carry over to The Witcher 2.
  • All the side quests in the game, including free-form quests, notice board quests, trophy hunts.
  • Information on how to become the best fist-fighter and Dice Poker player in the land.
  • Character creation information, including the best places to grind, how to spend your talents and much more.
  • Information on how to obtain all the Sex Cards in the game, you frisky person, you!
  • All the potion, oil, and bomb fomulae in the game.

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