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The Witcher (2007)

Dismantling the Drug Trade

Nathan Garvin

The Dentist and the Distressed Nurse

Put your loot-detecting goggles on and head to the Temple Quarter. There’s all kinds of new things to loot-pretty much every container is refilled, so searching all the buildings again comes highly recommended. Sure, most of it’s junk, but it could be YOUR junk. In general, however, it’s not as busy in this chapter as it was in the last one. Most of the recurring characters don’t have much to say right now, and we’ll leave Siegfried alone for now and deal with his quest later.

What does that leave us, then? During the day we can find a new figure on Merchant Street, a Dwarven dentist named “Zahin Schmartz”. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to find him rare teeth-monster teeth work, but he prefers “teeth with a story”. This starts the quest “Won’t Hurt a Bit” .

Here’s how it works-you find some tooth, jaw, or fang, and you bring it to the Dwarf for some Orens and experience. We should already have a few of them-a Barghest Skull from Chapter 1, Beast Fangs we obtained in vast quantities while grinding, and by now we’ve certainly fought a Fleder or two. If you went by the Fireplace near the Collapsed Tower in the Swamp Forest, chances are you happened upon a Cemetaur and obtained a Cemetaur Jaw. This is, of course, assuming you’ve kept up with your reading and can actually obtain these components from enemies. If not, then you really need to visit the Antiquary in the Temple Quarter and the Book Seller in the Trade Quarter. It’s a little late in the game not to have journal entries for most monsters. Below will be listed all the teeth we could have found already-the actual retrieval and delivery will be left up to you.

Objective Reward
For giving the dentist Beast Fangs 1000 XP 50 Orens
For giving the dentist a Barghest Skull 1000 XP 50 Orens
For giving the dentist Fleder Fangs 1000 XP 100 Orens
For giving the dentist a Cemetaur Jaw 1000 XP 150 Orens

If it’s near 12:00, head over to the Hospital, outside of which you’ll find a “Distressed Nurse”. Talk to her, and she’ll complain about her Grandmother, who is acting strange, and warding folks away from the cellar. Geralt will offer to look into it for 50 Orens, and because of Shani’s recommendation, she’ll trust Geralt. This starts the quest “Medic in Distress” .

If you bug the old lady now, you’ll probably just get thrown out. Never fear, however, as this Grandma isn’t as potent of an obstacle as the Grandma who attempted in vain to preserve Shani’s chastity. She actually sleeps at night, so pay Vivaldi a visit, or Shani in the Hospital and rest until midnight.

Now that all respectable folks are asleep, head into the house south from the “Gate to Royal Castle” on the southern end of Merchant Street. Once inside, loot, then head into the cellar where you’ll find a Fleder. Slay it and leave-if you talk to Grandma before you go, she’ll accuse you of murdering her son and unceremoniously kick you out. Ah well. Next noon find the “Distressed Medic” again outside of the Hospital and tell her what happened. She’ll pay the agreed upon pittance, and everybody leaves a little happier. Except perhaps Grandma. Oh, and the Fleder.

Objective Reward
For killing the Fleder in the cellar 500 XP
For reporting to the medic 2000 XP 50 Orens

Following the Thread

Before we head off to the Trade Quarter, lets step on Salamandra’s toes some more. This quest is related to the quests we did in the Swamps-it involves weakening Salamandra’s grip on the local drug trade.

Return to the Dungeon and talk to Jethro. He’ll try to bully Geralt into doing his job for him. Geralt-perhaps emboldened by gaining some levels, reuiniting with a powerful political friend in Triss, or because he just doesn’t have the patience to deal with the petty corruption of the city guards anymore-refuses until Jethro wisely chooses a more amicable approach.

Jethro doesn’t like Salamandra being in control of the drug trade-perhaps it makes his habits too expensive, and puts him under the sphere of Salamandran influence. Either way, he’s getting squeezed and wants to set you loose against their operations. You get to kill some Salamanders and foil more of their schemes, and he gets to sleep easier at night knowing his pocket is heavier. The “evidence” he wants you to confiscate for him is certainly a bonus. If you have the Archespore Juice with you, you might as well turn it in and complete “The Archespore Contract” .

Objective Reward
For bringing Jethro three units of Archespore Juice 5000 XP 200 Orens

To find out more information we’ll need to put some pressure on a local dealer named “Angus”. So let’s return to the Slums, our favorite pit of disease and depravity. While we’re here, we might as well talk to Carmen to update “Beauty and the Beast” . It doesn’t meaningfully advance the quest, but it will save us the trouble of doing it later.

Angus hangs out near the Hairy Bear during daytime. If you’re rough with him, or you tell him the wrong contact he’ll run off. If you tell him that Kalkstein told you he sells Fisstech, he’ll offer to put you directly in contact with his suppliers for 1500 Orens. That’s no typo, and it’s an ludicrous amount of money to pay for an object that can be obtained with a little violence.

Provoke him and follow him home-he’ll lead you to the house north of the Hospital. Once inside, he decides to get rid of you in a more bloody fashion. He’s a wimpy drug-dealer, you’re a genetically mutated Witcher with untold amounts of training and experience. This isn’t a fight. Kill him and loot him for “The Letter of Recommendation” and “Angus’ Key” . One less drug-dealer in Vizima, and Geralt keeps 1500 Orens.

Objective Reward
For obtaining a “Letter of Recommendation” from Angus 1000 XP

Salamanders in the Sewers

Read the “Letter of Recommendation” and it’ll point towards the Sewers as the location of the Salamander base. Where else? Head to the Sewers and spelunk your way to the “Transfer Point” on the map, which is north-east of the Gravier Crypt. Outside are two moronic bandits who will demand a password if you mention Angus-obviously his “Letter of Recommendation” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Good thing you didn’t pay for it, right? Give them the correct password, “Thorn” if you don’t want the Salamanders within to be immediately hostile.

Objective Reward
For giving the Bandits the correct password 500 XP

Now, if you gave the Bandits outside the correct password, Geralt will bluff his way past an Assassin. This lets you freely roam this area without being interrupted. Practically this allows you to loot to your heart’s content before you actually get to business.

While you’re exploring you’ll run across the “Chief Chemist”, a Dwarf who unwillingly oversees the Fisstech production. Pick dialogup option #1 to be kind to him and he’ll give you a scroll of Petri’s Philter in return. When you’re ready to get bloody, loot the crate in the room marked “Salamandra Den” to provoke the Salamanders, or just draw a weapon and attack somebody, if you don’t like how deep into the complex the former option puts you.

There are plenty of Salamanders down here, but fortunately they’re mostly low-quality combatants. Many of them will die after two bursts of Igni-if you already completed “Diplomacy and Hunting” you shouldn’t have much trouble here. If you’re lower-leveled, a Swallow Potion might help, and beyond that, just use the appropriate sword style for the situation and you’ll be fine.

If you’re eager to earn some Orens, each Assassin carries two Temerian Steel Swords and a Temerian Steel Dagger, which if collected can be sold for a total of 100 Orens. Granted, this involves a lot of running through the sewers, but it’s worth noting. In addition to their weapons, the Assassins also carry a variety of food, alcohol, greases, powders, and weapon upgrades that are worth picking up.

In the room marked “Salamandra Den” you’ll find the information you’re looking for inside a crate. Grab the Key and the “Letter from Gellert Bleinheim” and leave the Salamandra Hideout. As you go you’ll notice that members of the guard show up to secure the place-and kill the Dwarven Chief Chemist (but leave the human Chemists alone). More evidence of racism, or cutting the head off the serpent? Either way, once you reach the Sewers Jethro will reward you, and Geralt will respond typically tempermentally. This ends “Following the Thread” and begins “The Viziman Connection” .

Objective Reward
For obtaining the “Letter from Gellert Bleinheim” 500 XP
For clearing out the Salamandra Hideout 3000 XP 100 Orens
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