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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Drusians Merchants Reputation & Rewards Guide

Matt Chard

Early on in Rogue Trader, you’ll find a lot of goods that only appear to have cargo in them. This may appear useless at first, but later on, this cargo can be traded to the various merchants around the Koronus Expanse, of which there are five. When you trade cargo to them, you’ll obtain reputation points for that respective merchant, and when you acquire enough reputation, you’ll rank up. Each rank will reward you with powerful equipment and consumables, and all it’ll cost you is having the right amount of Profit Factor on you. Some of these merchants have up to 35 ranks, although the Drusians only have 29. If you want to know what you can obtain from the Drusian merchant, read on.

Hieronymus Doloroso is the faction merchant for the Drusians.

Who are the Drusians?

Drusians are a holy order who follow the legendary hero from the Angevin "Crusade" iconCrusade; the same hero who founded the Calixis Sector for the Imperium of Man. They believe in bringing new worlds into the Imperium’s fold to continue Mankind’s crusade. Above all, they value asceticism, self-sacrifice, loyalty to the cause, and fearlessness, which are the same values that the patron saint once held.

Drusian Merchant Vendor Location

Portrait Merchant Name Location
Hieronymus_Half_UI.png Hieronymus Doloroso Footfall Atrium, Furibundus

Before you can begin ranking up the Drusians, you’ll need to meet Hieronymus Doloroso who can be found on the west side of the Footfall Atrium in the Furibundus system (the first system you’ll go to in Chapter 2).

(1 of 2) Make your way to Footfall Atrium and head to the center of the map.

Make your way to Footfall Atrium and head to the center of the map. (left), Hieronymus will be on the higher platform, which can be accessed by the nearby stairs. (right)

How to Rank Up Drusians Reputation

Ranking up the Drusians including other merchants is by one of two ways. The first is to find the merchant you want to rank up, select Reputation, and then click on the cargo you want to trade before finally selecting the trade button. The second way is the same, but you can access all the trade merchants by speaking to High Factotum Janris Danrok on the voidship who allows you to rank up any merchant you’ve seen so far.

Each merchant has a preference for what goods they want which will yield more reputation for them. For the Drusians, Holy Gifts takes precedence, and these will reward you with 500 points of Reputation for each “gift” that you give them. These are often found in random cargo boxes you’ll find throughout your travels or by sending over gear from your inventory which has the “Holy Gifts Cargo” descriptor at the bottom right of the item information screen. Every Rank requires a specific amount of Reputation to reach the next level, which increases exponentially. Once you’ve ranked up, you can purchase all the rewards in the next tier for free provided you have the required amount of Profit Factor for that specific piece of gear (this won’t reduce your Profit Factor, so feel free to get them all). Below is a list of the best cargo to give Hieronymus.

Cargo Reputation Points (RP)
Holy Gifts 500
Jewelry 300
Ship Components 200
Uniform Kit 150
Armor Kit 150
Provisions 100
"Melee" iconMelee Weaponry 100
Fuel 100
Miscellaneous 50

As you can see here, trading Holy Gifts are the way to go, but if you can’t find any, then Jewelry is your next best bet.

All Drusians Reputation Rewards

Below you’ll find all the rewards for each rank of Reputation for the Drusians faction. This will show you what rank you need to be and how much Profit Factor you’ll need to purchase that piece of gear.

Rep. Rank Reward Required Profit Factor
0 Medikit, Bloodhound Staff, "Enforcer Helmet" iconEnforcer Helmet, Onslaught, "Imperial Scroll" iconImperial Scroll 14, 15, 16, 17, 20
1 "Militant's Cloak" iconMilitant’s Cloak, Elite Chainsword 20, 21
2 "Sanctified Staff" iconSanctified Staff 23
3 "Cloak of Retribution" iconCloak of Retribution, Krak Grenade 26, 29
4 "Power Claymore" iconPower Claymore, "Heavy Bolter" iconHeavy Bolter 32, 36
5 "Camaraderie Badge" iconCamaraderie Badge, "[Death World Origin] Enforcer Light Carapace" icon[Death World Origin] Enforcer Light Carapace 38, 41
6 Multikey, Cloak of Hatred 20, 23
7 Dark Visionary Hood 29
8 "Reconstructed Flamer Pistol" iconReconstructed Flamer Pistol 35
9 Large Medikit x4, [War World Origin] "Enforcer Carapace" iconEnforcer Carapace 38, 41
10 Death World Warboots, Radiant Gloves 20, 26
11 Heavy Flamer 32
12 Focus !Meltagun 32
14 "Roaring Thunder" iconRoaring Thunder 47
15 Condensed Carapace 53
16 Flashbang x6 57
17 Advanced Medikit, Laurels of Command, Military Combi-Tool 59, 61, 63
18 Overcharged !Plasma Gun, Psy Focus 65, 67
19 Accessory, Battle Stimulator Medikit x2, Righteous Justice 69, 71, 72
20 Notes on Weaknesses, Scout Armor 73, 75
21 [Sol-Pattern] Power Maul, Boots 77, 79
22 Virtue of Contempt, Fireproof 81, 83
23 "Crusade" iconCrusade Plate Helmet, Triumph of Faith 85, 87
24 Bladewings, Commander’s Chrono 89, 91
25 Boots of Kasrkin 93
26 Judex 95
27 Staff of Righteous Pyre 97
28 Hymn of Vehemence 99
29 Dragon Scale Power Armor, Modified Artificer Armor 101, 105

(1 of 2) There are some great rewards to get from the Drusians. You’ll be able to get the Advanced Medikit early on.

There are some great rewards to get from the Drusians. You’ll be able to get the Advanced Medikit early on. (left), As you progress in the ranks, you can get your hands on the powerful Flamer weapon, Judex. (right)

Best Drusians Rewards

Before we start talking about the best rewards, all the merchants’ rewards are great, so none really stand out above the others. Saying that, there are some really useful rewards you will want to get here. The first thing you’ll want to get is the Medikits at rank 0 (just need the required Profit Factor) as they are one of the few ways to heal injuries. The Elite Chainsword is a powerful melee option for most of Chapter 2. At rank 3, you can purchase Krak Grenades, which are much more powerful than the generic Frag Grenades you’ve been using. When you reach rank 7, you can get your hands on the exceptional Officer headpiece, Dark Visionary Hood. At rank 9, Large Medikits become available, while the Radiant Gloves are fantastic at rank 10 if you’re an Iconoclast.

As you can see, this is the first 10 ranks and there is already a lot of good stuff here, and it only gets better at higher ranks, with the standout items being: Advanced Medikit, Battle Stimulator Medikit, Judex, and the Dragon Scale Power Armor.

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