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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Fastest Way to Level Companions in Wo Long

Matt Chard

One of the features of Wo Long is the ability to call AI companions to fight alongside you throughout the missions. These are called Allies in the game, and you can call them by expending a Tiger Seal in the Reinforcements menu from a Battle Flag. This page will tell you the fastest way to level them up.

Reinforcement in Wo Long are AI controlled companions that you can use throughout missions.

Fastest Way to Level Reinforcements

The companions in the game will start at Oath Level 1, and you can level them to Oath Level 10. At Oath Level 5, they become stronger which will increase the amount of damage they can do as well as the amount of damage they can endure. When they reach Oath Level 10 you’ll be able to get their armor and weapon to use for yourself. That alone makes it incredibly important to level them up.

Although they will gain exp from defeating enemies and bosses, you’ll notice that it takes a while for them to level, and if you decide you want to level different allies up, you’ll need to start them from Oath Level 1. Fortunately, you can get an item known as Cup of Cordiality, and use it on them to drastically increase their level, sometimes as much as two levels per cup.

(1 of 3) Select Reinforcements in the Battle Flag Menu.

How to Get Cup of Cordiality

These can be quite tough to find as you can find them as a rare drop from almost anything in the game including enemy loot, treasure chests, and shinies on the map. One of the best ways to get them is by earning Titles by completing their respective challenges.

When you get to a higher level (around 62), you can enter the sub battlefield “The Uninhibited Heart”. In this mission, you will always find a cup (unless it gets patched) near the objective NPC, Xun Yu who can appear in three different locations on the map. Rinse and repeat this mission until you have every companion leveled to Oath Level 10.

How to Use Cup of Cordiality

You can use these magnificent items by going to the nearest Battle Flag, selecting Reinforcements, and then pressing DualSense-ButtonTriangle / Xbox-ButtonY on the ally that you want to level up. Accept the prompt, and watch your companions fly through the levels.

Once you’ve maxed out the level of a companion, you’ll find their equipment in the Deliveries menu.

How to Get Ally Equipment

Once you’ve maxed the companion’s Oath Level out, you’ll have completed the requirement to obtain their gear. Finding the gear may not be so obvious at first as it’s easy to miss it, but you’ll need to select Deliveries at the bottom of the Battle Flag menu. Now that you’ve obtained the equipment, you’ll find it in their respective place in the equipment section of the character menu where you’d find the rest of your gear.

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A dark fantasy set during the Three Kingdoms period. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the follow-up game to the much acclaimed Nioh Series developed by Team Ninja. Wo Long promises to be more accessible than what Nioh was giving the players aid during the missions with the help of the Reinforcement companions system. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty including the following:

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