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Safari Adventure Amusements


"Safari Adventure" iconSafari Adventure, a segment of Nuka-World, was designed as a park focusing on safari-themed attractions and wildlife encounters. However, the park’s development was marred by the Great War of 2077. Activists opposed the cloning experiments conducted by park scientists and took Dr. Hein, a lead researcher, hostage. Tragically, the war intervened, resulting in catastrophic consequences.

Background / History

Infested with dangerous creatures like gatorclaws, "Safari Adventure" iconSafari Adventure remains a perilous zone within Nuka-World. The main entrance, to the south, leads to various attractions and facilities. Visitors can explore the Jungle Journey Theater, the reptile house, and the primate house. The Welcome Center provides information but is often fraught with danger. Hidden within the park are Cappy’s treehouse and a challenging hedge maze.


  1. Angry Anaconda
  2. Bear cave
  3. Cappy’s treehouse
  4. Jungle Journey Theater
  5. "Safari Adventure" iconSafari Adventure primate house
  6. Safari Adventure reptile house
  7. Welcome Center

Notable Loot

  • Fusion core: Near the AFAD base entrance at the Angry Anaconda.
  • Nuka-Hearty recipe: Found behind the Jungle Journey Theater.
  • Nuka-Rush recipe: Located inside the Welcome Center.
  • Hidden Cappy clues: Concealed within the hedge maze and near the primate house.
  • Nuka-Cola and Vault-Tec lunchboxes: Scattered across the picnic area.
  • Wildman rags: Worn by Cito, a resident of "Safari Adventure" iconSafari Adventure.
  • Cito’s Shiny Slugger: Awarded by Cito after assisting in clearing gatorclaws.
  • Suit of power armor: Outside Safari Adventure, within an Expert-locked building.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Nuka-World Map

X: 7895 Y: 5035
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