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Boylston Club Buildings (Medium)


The "Boylston Club" iconBoylston Club, nestled in the "Boston Common" iconBoston Common neighborhood of Boston in 2287, was an exclusive social institution catering to the elite of society.

Background / History

  • The "Boylston Club" iconBoylston Club was a prestigious private social club reserved for the upper echelons of society.
  • Its membership included former presidents, vice presidents, governors, senators, Supreme Court justices, and other esteemed gentlemen, as well as their legitimate male heirs, who could afford the hefty annual fee of $500,000.
  • The club hosted various social events and gatherings, showcasing its members’ refined tastes and interests.


  • The main room, located on the second floor, could only be accessed via an elevator upon entering the building.
  • Inside, to the left, was a well-stocked bar, while to the right stood a pool table for entertainment.
  • Beyond the bar area was a room containing an Expert-locked safe mounted on the wall. This safe could be unlocked using a Novice-locked terminal positioned behind the bar.

Notable Loot

  • A holotape titled “A Toast” could be ejected from the terminal behind the bar.
  • Seven bottles of poisoned wine were scattered throughout the room, a unique item found exclusively in this location.

Interactive Map Locations

1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 8326 Y: 7453
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