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Wixon's Shovel Museum Public Buildings

Background / History

Nestled on the outskirts of Nuka-World, "Wixon's Shovel Museum" iconWixon’s Shovel Museum boasts a peculiar dedication to preserving and showcasing antique shovels purportedly from the United States of America, as claimed by its founder, Wixon. While the museum’s collection may not boast renowned artifacts, it offers an eclectic array of shovels, each with its own curious tale. Among the notable exhibits are the shovel allegedly wielded by President Abraham Lincoln’s cousin’s neighbor during a historic latrine excavation in 1862, and the shovel used by actor Keith McKinney in the obscure film “Ditch Diggers of Dusseldorf.” Additionally, visitors can marvel at replicas depicting various historical shovels, including those wielded by Private Jean Luc Allard during ceremonial parades across Europe, and the renowned British Shovel Fighters of the American Revolutionary War.


The museum comprises two floors. The first floor hosts display cases exhibiting various items, primarily shovels, totaling 15 in number. Plaques alongside some displays provide descriptions of the items. In the gift shop area, an Advanced-locked floor safe lies behind the cash register.

On the second floor, four desks with terminals are present. While three terminals are inoperable due to damage, one functions, albeit with corrupted files and a letter of resignation. Additionally, another shovel can be found in the restroom.


  1. Ditch Diggers of Dusseldorf: This shovel, used as a stunt prop by actor Keith McKinney in the film “Ditch Diggers of Dusseldorf,” braved the perilous action sequences.
  2. Abraham Lincoln’s cousin: Allegedly used in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln’s cousin’s neighbor to prepare a latrine hole, possibly utilized by the 16th president himself!
  3. British Shovel Fighters: Renowned for their prowess in the Revolutionary War, British Shovel Fighters were feared warriors known for their immaculate ditches and ability to deflect rifle shots.
  4. First shovel: Originating in neolithic times, this shovel’s replica reflects what it may have looked like if crafted in modern Mexico.
  5. Private Jean Luc Allard: Used in ceremonial parades across Europe, this shovel accompanied Private Jean Luc Allard, who followed Napoleon’s horse.
  6. Long handled spade: Though not technically a shovel, this “long handled spade” was popular during a specific period in April 1963.


  • Created by level designers Bryan Brigner and Ryan Jenkins.
  • Two mannequins inside mimic Grant Wood’s American Gothic painting, with the male mannequin holding a shovel instead of a pitchfork.
  • The museum’s inspiration stems from Easton, Massachusetts, home to the Ames Shovel Shop and adjacent shovel museum, the Stonehill Industrial History Center.

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