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Forest Grove Marsh Ruins (Large)


"Forest Grove Marsh" iconForest Grove Marsh, once a picturesque town overlooking the Charles River, has transformed into a fetid marshland. The malfunctioning river lock and collapsed floodwalls have led to its current state, now infested with feral ghouls, driving away most visitors except for daring scavengers.

Background / History

The marsh has garnered attention for hosting a species of mutated ferns renowned for their radiation-resistant properties. In 2287, a duo comprising ghoul Sheila and human Dale ventured into the marsh to collect these ferns for chem merchant Solomon in "Diamond City" iconDiamond City. Sheila established walkways atop the town’s rooftops for fern cultivation, while Dale managed deliveries. However, Dale’s late arrival resulted in a ghoul attack, leaving both him and Sheila missing.


The town is divided, with half submerged in irradiated water and inhabited by feral ghouls. Sheila’s walkways connect rooftops adorned with mutated ferns and supplies. A collapsed gun shop, identifiable by its flashing red light and antenna, contains a weapons workbench and "Sheila's holotape" iconSheila’s holotape on the second floor. The roof holds a steamer trunk and sleeping bags.

Notable Loot

Related Quests

  • Botany Class


  • Companion comments trigger upon entering the location.
  • The water near the higher water lock behaves unusually, allowing walking through and causing fall damage when jumped into.

Interactive Map Locations

1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 5497 Y: 7292
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