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Haymarket Mall Ruins (Large)


"Haymarket Mall" iconHaymarket Mall, situated in the Financial District of Boston in 2287, once functioned as an indoor marketplace and office complex. Following the Great War, the mall fell into disrepair and is now overrun by raiders, alongside automated defense systems.

Background / History

Originally a bustling marketplace, "Haymarket Mall" iconHaymarket Mall now stands as a dilapidated structure, serving as a haven for raiders amidst its neglected corridors and rooms.


Most of the mall’s rooms are inaccessible, with only the first, second, and eighth floors open to exploration. The first and second floors are connected by stairwells, while an elevator on the second floor grants access to the derelict rooms on the eighth floor. Notable features include workstations for crafting and an Advanced-locked security terminal controlling the mall’s defenses.

Notable Loot

  • Fusion core: Located on scaffolding outside the main entrance.
  • "Haymarket Mall" iconHaymarket Mall key: Carried by a raider on the second floor, granting access to Congress Street garage.


  • Initially friendly turrets and Protectron units on the first and second floors target raiders, but become hostile once alerted by hostile units on the eighth floor.
  • At higher levels, two leveled deathclaws may spawn on the garden terrace, visible from outside near "Faneuil Hall" iconFaneuil Hall.


  • On Xbox One, the elevator frame remains stationary when ascending to the eighth floor, while buttons and doors move with the player character. However, functionality is unaffected.


  • The "Haymarket Mall" iconHaymarket Mall sign was designed by world artist Madeleine Rabil.

Interactive Map Locations

1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 8652 Y: 6726
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