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Bedford Station Subway Stations


"Bedford Station" iconBedford Station, once a pre-War train switching station servicing "Thicket Excavations" iconThicket Excavations, is now infested with feral ghouls. This location served as a site for a synth rescue mission orchestrated by the Railroad, which ultimately went awry.

Background / History

"Bedford Station" iconBedford Station operated as a train switching station for transporting goods from the nearby quarry at "Thicket Excavations" iconThicket Excavations. It was a vital part of the transportation infrastructure in the area.

Now overrun by feral ghouls, the station is a dangerous place to navigate. It was also the site of a failed synth rescue mission, where the Railroad’s agent, Dutchman, attempted to aid a synth, A9-51, in escaping from unknown assailants.


The station features a ruined southbound train on north to south running tracks. Ghouls roam the platform, with the highest level ones often near an explosive container. Dutchman’s body lies near the tracks, while Helena’s body leans against the water tower.

Notable Loot

  • "Bedford Station recording" iconBedford Station recording ("Holotape" iconHolotape)
  • Cargo handler’s note
  • Helena’s instructions
  • Dutchman’s instructions
  • Railway rifle (Appears at Level 20)
  • Dead drop cache (inside the blue train car to the north of the tower)

Related Quests


  • Cut content suggests A9-51’s fate involved suicide to avoid capture.
  • Historically, "Bedford Station" iconBedford Station is located in the real-world town of Bedford, Massachusetts, which was a significant railroad junction.


"Bedford Station" iconBedford Station’s location corresponds to the real-world town of Bedford, which historically had a railroad depot known as Bedford Depot until 1977.

Interactive Map Locations

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1. Commonwealth World Map

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