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Get ready! It’s time to defeat another mini-boss on the way down.

On your Dive down, you’ll have to beat the Brawlamari. Just dodge its attacks until the eyes get close, then poke them out. The hardest attack to dodge is the laser shield, which you actually need to air brake to avoid hitting. That finishes the first half.

In the second, continue dodging similar attacks until its petal-thing opens. The only real thing to be worried about is the one where the rocks come; I do not think you can dodge that laser shield unless you’re behind the rocks…

Country of the Musketeers

When Riku lands in colonial France, I assume, he finds Pete in front of the opera house. Riku correctly predicts that there’s trouble abrewing.

Anywho, once you regain control, go east and grab the Panacea chest, then go far north and open the two chests to get a battle and some Dream Candy . Head far to the west to get a Hi-Potion , then go east and north to the opposite corner of the grass to find a Shield Cookie 2 . Head northwest into the Grand Lobby.

Inside, go west and use Vaan’s Portal; if you win without being damaged more than twice, you’ll get 20 DP , a Fleeting Fancy , and a Shield Cookie 2 . Go into the southwest corner and open the chest for Confetti Candy 2 , then use the Save Point and Moogle Shop.

Head north and use the stairs to reach the top floor. Go to the north side and open the chest for a Mega-Potion , and then circle around to the south for a Water Barrel . Go back to the first floor and head to the east downbound staircase.

Jump and air slide across the gap to the ledge, then go along the path to a chest, which contains a Royal Cake . Go back over the ledge, defeat some enemies, then go along the western northbound path to reach the next area.

There, Riku will end up walking on-stage to find the Beagle Boys carrying wood facsimiles of Mickey and the gang and how he plans to get rid of them. Ouch… Riku finds the goonies leaving and follows.

Once you regain control, go southwest and use Zack’s Portal; if you win in less than 20 seconds, you’ll get 20 DP , a Wondrous Fancy , and a Block-it Chocolate 2 all for your own. Also open the chest near the Portal for a Balloon .

Then go to the northeast corner of the stage and open that chest for a Confetti Candy 2 . Go south and east and leave.

Backstage, go east and north along the ground to get a Mega-Potion , then use the stairs to reach a Portal from Celes (Final Fantasy VI character who was involved in an opera in that game!) that will give you some Spirits. Go west and Riku will end up finding a shaking chest, inside which is Princess Minnie.

She thanks you and heads off to help the Musketeers. Riku offers to help and as they chat, we get caught by the Beagle Boys. We learn what to grab and also get a flashback.

Flashback: Bon Journey, Princess

We watch Pete, the Captain of Minnie’s knights, exchange mild banter with her and completely unfolds his plan before Minnie.

Basically, he gets a fake Minnie to name him king, and only the Musketeers can stop him, but they’ll be dealt with in the spotlight. And then she gets into the chest, unwillingly, as Pete leaves, cackling.

Country of the Musketeers

When you regain control, go forward and smash the gas-spewing device that will make you drop faster. Go east and open the chest for a Hi-Potion , then continue east and smash another gas device. Go north and open the chest for a Drop-Me-Not . Go south to the southeast corner and break down a fake wall to find a Blizzaga chest.

Oh no, the gas-spewing traps are back. Smash them ASAP or you’ll drop like a rock.

Go northeast of the southern exit and you’ll find a thing with arrows around it. Flo-mo into the wall, then to the pole, to reveal one of the Beagle Boys.

Beat the crap out of him, then go north and use Flowmotion to get onto the higher northern ledge. There, go along the path and smash the fake wall to reveal a chest, which contains a Ducky Goose Recipe .

Now, go to the ground and to the other platform connected by a rope. Scale to it, then go north and open the chest for an Ice Dream Cone 2. Then go south and open the chest along the path to find a Mega-Potion . Continue into the next area.

In the Green Room, go along to the Save Point. Use it and break down the nearby fake wall, then open the chests for Stop , a Drop-Me-Not , and Confetti Candy 3 . Go west now, and west at the fork. Destroy the gas machine, and use Zack’s Portal to get some Spirits, if you want.

Go south to the next room and, there, attack the clothes to reveal a chest containing a Fleeting Fantasy . Go east and repeat for a Prickly Fantasy . Do it once more to find a Beagle Boy. Whip ’im and move on. Backtrack to the east/south fork and, on the way, break down a fake door to find a chest with some Treasure Goggles .

Go along the southern branch to a big open room. Jump down to the gas machine and obliterate it. Behind a northwesten pillar, you’ll find a Hi-Potion , then use Flowmotion to get to the southern ledge, where you’ll find a Shield Cookie 3 .

Then break down one of the doors nearby to find the final Beagle Boy. Defeat him and you’ll receive the Stage Gadget . As you go back to use the gadget, you get attacked by a Nightmare.

Boss: Holey Moley

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
333.5 14.5 15.5 6.8


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

After winning, Riku’s HP increases and you get Shadow Slide and Shadow Strike . Shadow Slide allows you to warp behind an enemy as it attacks when you’re locked-on, akin to Sephiroth in previous Kingdom Hearts games. Shadow Strike lets you attack as you come in. Both are Riku-only.

After the fight, Minnie rushes Riku to fix the machine to our own benefits, and does so successfully not a second too soon. Riku chats with Minnie for a bit before unlocking the Sleeping Keyhole, thereby receiving the All for One Keyblade .

After the boss, I’d advise going back into the Grand Lobby and northeast on the lower level to find a chest with a Shadowbreaker command. Also revisit the Theatre and use the southern Special Portal and win with three Flowmotion attacks to get 60 DP , an Epic Fantasy , and a Royal Cake .

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