In reality, I don’t have much on the enemy data and stats at this time. It was hard enough just to get their item drops! Which I did, at least for the most part, with a lot of help from Mikey_R.

This section is grossly incomplete, to say the least. While I have a bit of info provided on every enemy where possible (some item drops), this section will not likely be complete any time soon. For now, we’ll suffice with some item drops. If you got one to submit, or anything I could put in, please let me know.

Also this section doesn’t include bosses.

Finally, let me note this. Weaknesses are based only upon, right now, my knowledge of Square Enix’s habits in Final Fantasy and those of the Reports in the game. If you can refute my notes, please do so. Got one to add? Please tell me.

**Enemy** **Weaknesses** **Potential Drops**
Aura Lion - Intrepid Fancy, Intrepid Fantasy
Cera Terror Magic Confetti Candy 2, Grim Fantasy, Intrepid Fancy
Chef Kyroo - Wondrous Fancy, Wondrous Figment
Cyber Yog - Confetti Candy, Grim Figment, Noble Figment
Drak Quack - Rampant Fancy, Wondrous Fantasy
Drill Sye Magic Noble Figment, Rampant Figment
Ducky Goose - Dulcet Fancy, Wondrous Fancy
Eaglider - Lofty Figment, Vibrant Figment
Electricorn - Confetti Candy 3, Fleeting Fancy, Fleeting Figment, Shield Cookie 3
Escarglow - Fleeting Figment, Grim Figment, Shield Cookie
Fin Fatale Thunder Grim Figment, Rampant Fancy
Fishboné Thunder, Light Noble Fancy, Wondrous Fancy
Flowbermeow - Malleable Fantasy, Rampant Figment
Ghostabocky Light Troubling Figment, Wondrous Fantasy
Halbird - Confetti Candy 2, Lofty Fancy, Vibrant Fancy
Hebby Repp Blizzard Block-it Chocolate, Intrepid Figment, Potion ,Troubling Figment
Iceguin Ace Fire Rampant Fantasy, Rampant Figment
Jestabocky - Ice Dream Cone 2, Vibrant Fancy, Wondrous Figment
Jestabock - Confetti Candy 2, Vibrant Fancy, Vibrant Figment
Keeba Tiger - Dulcet Fancy, Intrepid Fantasy
KO "Kabuto" IconKabuto - Fleeting Figment, Noble Figment, Shield Cookie 2
Komory Bat - Panacea, Rampant Figment, Shield Cookie, Troubling Figment
Kooma Panda - Confetti Candy, Intrepid Figment, Vibrant Figment, Treasure Goggles
Lord Kyroo Fire Noble Fancy, Noble Figment, Vibrant Fancy
Magik Lapin - Block-it Chocolate 3, Drop-Me-Not, Dulcet Fantasy, Fleeting Fancy
Me Me Bunny - Fleeting Figment, Intrepid Fancy
Meow Wow Fire Ice Dream Cone, Rampant Figment, Vibrant Figment
Necho Cat - Dulcet Figment, Ice Dream Cone, Panacea, Shield Cookie, Troubling Figment
Peepsta Hoo - Drop-Me-Not, Ice Dream Cone, Troubling Figment, Wondrous Figment
Pegaslick - Fleeting Fancy, Lofty Fancy, Treasure Goggles
Pricklemane - Intrepid Figment, Vibrant Figment, Water Barrel
Ryu Dragon Blizzard Lofty Fancy, Savage Fantasy, Shield Cookie 3
Sir Kyroo Fire Noble Fancy, Noble Figment
Skelterwild Fire, Light Grim Fantasy, Savage Fantasy
Staggerceps - Grim Fancy, Grim Figment
Tama Sheep - Confetti Candy 2, Drop-Me-Not, Grim Figment, Shield Cookie, Vibrant Figment
Tatsu Blaze Blizzard Grim Fancy, Lofty Figment
Tatsu Steed Thunder Dulcet Figment, Lofty Figment, Shield Cookie 2
Thunderaffe - Fleeting Fancy, Fleeting Figment
Toximander - Troubling Fancy, Troubling Figment
Tyranto Rex Blizzard Intrepid Fantasy, Wondrous Fancy
Wheeflower Fire Block-it Chocolate, Ice Dream Cone, Lofty Figment, Troubling Fancy
Woeflower Fire Ice Dream Cone, Lofty Figment, Troubling Fancy
Yoggy Ram - Grim Figment, Vibrant Figment
Zolephant - Intrepid Figment, Noble Figment


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