Alright, time to bust some chops on your way down.

On your Dive down, you’ll have to beat the Queen Buzzerfly. First take out the little guard things around her when you can, then go for her head.

La Cité des Cloches

As Riku arrives, we find Esmeralda evading the Captain. He, lacking knowledge of whether she is a gypsy, unknowingly saves her. She thanks him and explains the situation.

Once you regain control, go north and grab the Potion , then southeast for the Confetti Candy . Further east, near the platform, is a Shield Cookie . Go north and grab the Balloon , then go west and north into the Nave.

There, Riku meets up with Quasimodo and asks where Frollo is; apparently, he’s on the outskirts of the city. After some more talking, it is time to leave.

But we won’t leave the Nave yet. Use Flowmotion to reach the top ledges. On the southwestern area of one is a Drop-Me-Not . On the southeast ledge, you get a Shield Cookie 2 ; on the northern ledge is a Fira .

Hit the bottom and go to the center of the area, and east to find a Paint Gun (Yellow x10) . Go on the ground northwest to an alcove to find a Drop-Me-Not .

Go behind one of the northeastern pillars for a Rampant Figment , then go southwest to the Square via the stairs. Go around clockwise to the Bell Tower. There, go north of the Save Point to find a Drop-Me-Not .

Use Flowmotion to reach the northeastern ledge on the above floor for another Drop-Me-Not . Go up another floor from there to find a Dulcet Figment nearby, then head to the southeast corner to find a Royal Cake . Save and shop, then leave the Bell Tower. Go over the southern edge of the building and fall.

After landing in the Square, head southwest into Town. Here, go southeast to the Portal. Use it and do three Flowmotion attacks while beating some enemies to gain 10 DP , a Noble Fantasy , and a Royal Cake . Jump on the nearby orange tarp to reach the rooftops. Go south and down the stairs for a Potion chest.

Go into the southwestern part of town to find, on the east side of the section, a Drop-Me-Not . Scale the southern buildings with Flowmotion to reach a path, where you’ll find a Block-it Chocolate at the end. Go northeast and scale to the south side of the clock tower to find some Treasure Goggles , too.

Head to the northwestern entrance of the Town. Go along the path as visible on the map. When you reach the north/east fork, go north and scale the buildings to find a Noble Fantasy . Go to the northeastern area and get on the southwest ledges to find an Ice Dream Cone .

Continue to the southeastern corner of the area and scale the building to reach a Water Barrel . Go northeast and use the big doors to reach the Bridge.

Outside, we’ll find a huge Nightmare, which happens to brutally attacks Riku, leaving him with only choice: flee! Use Flowmotion to head northward. Just remember to grab the Potion from the chest in the first tower and second tower. Also as you head north, initially hug the east wall to reach a Confetti Candy .

Now’s not the time for heroics; just run!

In the next area, continue eastward, going along the northern wall. You’ll soon come across a Confetti Candy chest. Go southeast into an alcove for a Drop-Me-Not , then go south and into the western dead-end alley for a Potion and a Shield Cookie . Go east and south to the next area.

We watch as the Captain defends the gyspy harborers, then the Wargoyle that’s been chasing us down comes along to help persuade Captain Phoebus. The evil duo leave, knocking the Captain down on the way and unlocking a flashback.

As the beast leaves to the cathedral (Notre Dame, I believe), we also obtain the Sonic Impact ability . You can already air slide (press Y in mid-air); with this ability installed, you’ll be able to do this twice and damage enemies.

Flashback: Dark Obsession

Not exceptionally important, it simply reveals the intent of Frollo to get rid of the gypsies by stamping their hideout out.

La Cité des Cloches

After you regain control, go use the Save Point. Go east and open the chest for a Water Barrel , then go south-southwest for a Sliding Crescent . Be sure to equip the latter, as well as Sonic Impact; you’ll be able to attack during an air slide with the A Button now.

Go back to the building and southwest along the low path to reach some Block-it Chocolate . Then go south and along the path to the Outskirts of town. Grab the Shield Cookie on the way!

Here, go north and use the Faithline along to the end of that path, then go open the nearby chest for Paint Gun (Purple x10) . Go back southeast to the Portal and beat all of the enemies while using three blocks to get 10 DP , a Troubling Fancy , and a Block-it Chocolate . Backtrack back through the area.

At the Bridge, go southeast to the chest and grab the Confetti Candy 2 . Continue back across and, in the second room you come across, is a Portal from the Onion Knight (job class in Final Fantasy III). Defeat all of the enemies, using at least three Flowmotion attacks, and you’ll get 10 DP , a Lofty Fantasy , and a Shield Cookie .

Continue back into Town. In the southwestern portion of the area is a Portal. Opt to use it and beat all of the Spirits using at least three Flowmotion attacks to get 40 DP , a Lofty Fantasy , and some Treasure Goggles . Aside from that, go back northwest into the Square. Be sure to shop and save!

In the Square, you’ll find that the Wargoyle has set the area aflame and Esmeralda hurt, though okay thanks to Quasimodo. He shows that the Wargoyle is atop the cathedral. Go inside to find the talking gargoyles.

After a quick scene, if you need to, use the Portal to the northwest to borrow some Spirits. Once you’re done, use the southwestern exit.

At the rooftop, we find Frollo enjoying his pyromania and Riku comes behind him (not pushing?). Suddenly, our boss comes to fight! Before anything begins, we find the fake Ansem from Kingdom Hearts I alongside the unknown black-coated similar-looking man. They try to get Riku to yield to the darkness to no avail.

Oh, yeah, we got something else to deal with.

Boss: Wargoyle

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
322.5 14.5 12.5 7.2


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

After the battle, you’ll get a Chronicle entry on Kingdom Hearts. Read it, for it summarizes the first game of the series.

Afterwards, Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Captain Phoebus part ways with Riku. As he contemplates on Ansem and the path of darkness he once walked, he seals the Keyhole and obtains the Guardian Bell Keyblade.

By the by, return later and head into the Outskirts. Now that you have time and aren’t being chased, go under the northwestern overhang near the entrance to the Bridge for a Special Portal. Use it and win in under 20 seconds for 40 DP , a Dulcet Fantasy , and some Treasure Goggles .

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