Akin to Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, you can obtain Trophies in this game by completing various, and sometimes difficult, tasks. There’s not a whole lot you can get from these, except perhaps a secret video, if I remember correctly.

Badge of Pride

Clear Condition: Beat the game on Proud or, if Re:coded is any indicator, Critical difficulty.

Some Tips: This FAQ helps, some. As does mass grinding. Also, winning the game first on an easier difficulty to end up gaining earned Spirits in a New Game+ is immensely helpful.

Critical Praise

Clear Condition: Beat the game on Critical.

Some Tips: Beat it once, then you’ll unlock Critical. Do a LOOOOOOOOT of grinding before The World That Never Was. And, of course bringing lots of good spirits over from a previous file by beating the game once helps a bunch. I brought along an Aura Lion and Keeba Tiger, and ended up getting Curaga super early!

Daring Diver

Clear Condition: Get 7,500,000 points in Dive Mode.

Some Tips: To get this Trophy, you basically need to get scores on all or most of the Dives in the Reports so that Sora and Riku have the point totals shown in the Reports add up to the prescribed amount. This basically means get A-Rank on most of the courses.

Dream Pleaser

Clear Condition: Max out every Spirit’s Affinity level.

Some Tips: Get every Spirit, for one.

Frequent Friend

Clear Condition: Place at least 30 Link Portals.

Some Tips: I think this is one of those StreetPass things.

In the Clear

Clear Condition: Beat the game once on any difficulty.

Some Tips: Play on Beginner if you’re having trouble. Use this FAQ as well, maybe.

In the Munny

Clear Condition: Get 5,000 Munny.

Some Tips: This is accumulated throughout the game, so you’ll easily have this by the end. If not, grind or sell useless stuff. Some Dream Pieces sell for upwards of 1,000 Munny, and I doubt you’ll be using ALL of the commands by the game’s end, so sell stuff you don’t want.


Clear Condition: Defeat 2,500 Dream Eaters.

Some Tips: You’ll have this by the time you reach the game’s end. If not, GRIND.

King of Rush

Clear Condition: Win first place in every Flick Rush Cup.

Some Tips: They’re all unlocked by the end. Then it is just practice. You don’t have to get a star-rank in every match, or a gold prize for every cup. Just win every match and you should be okay - once you get the Sweet Dreams Keyblade, you’re okay.

Memento Maniac

Clear Condition: Take 20 photos when bonding with Spirits.

Some Tips: Take a bunch of them, then delete them in the Nintendo 3DS Camera application if you don’t want them.

Motion Sickness

Clear Condition: Beat 1,000 enemies using Flowmotion.

Some Tips: Find a place with a lot of walls and grind. The Grid is helpful. The use of the Flowmotion attacks with the shockwaves (Shock Dive, Kick Dive) really help to take out many Nightmares at once.

Portal Champ

Clear Condition: Beat every Secret and Special Portal.

Some Tips: Most, if not all, of the Special Portals are in the walkthrough. The Secret Portals are found where you fought a boss - you’ll fight a beefed-up version of said boss, and boost your HP for winning.

There is an in-depth FAQ specialized for other purpose, so I’d look there. If you don’t want to do either, go to a world and, if the special Nightmare is blacked out, that means an unused Special Portal is there, so look around.

Pro Linker

Clear Condition: Link with Spirits 50 times.

Some Tips: Simple. Link, immediately cancel the link, refill the gauge (with Dream Candies if you’re grinding solely for this), and repeat.

Reality Shifter

Clear Condition: Beat 50 enemies via Reality Shift.

Some Tips: Traverse Town and The World That Never Was are pretty easy.

Spirit Guide

Clear Condition: Get one of each Spirit.

Some Tips: There’s a Spirit Synthesis section to this FAQ…

The strange thing is this, though - you don’t really have to get one of every Spirit; so long as you get the number in the Dream Eaters section of the Reports to 100%, you’ll be okay.

What’s odder is this. That doesn’t encompass every Spirit. My guess is that every Spirit … that is also a Nightmare. So I guess you’re a bit lucky, since some of those Spirits will require lots of Brilliant Fantasies.

Stat Builder

Clear Condition: Max out every stat-boosting ability.

Some Tips: Try getting every Spirit, changing their disposition, and then getting a lot of LP and grabbing abilities. This will take a while. You should probably use the Water Barrel to mass up some LP.

Now, how it works is something like this. You need to, in reality, just max HP Boost, Attack Boost, Magic Boost, and Defense Boost all at the same time. How do you do that? I used a Ryu Dragon, Lord Kyroo, and R&R Seal. Max them out and you should be able to get the Trophy.

Most people have trouble getting this because of how the game thinks it up. Once you have those stat boosts maxed, exit the menu completely and return to it. You should be allowed to get the Trophy.

Stop Drop Roller

Clear Condition: Get 2,000 Drop Points.

Some Tips: This is not all at once. It is cumulative throughout the course of the game. So grinding in general and using the various Portals (not Secret ones) are helpful.

Treasure Seeker

Clear Condition: Open every treasure chest.

Some Tips: The walkthrough has every single treasure now!


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