In other Kingdom Hearts games, namely Kingdom Hearts II, you had dozens of various minigames and side-tasks. Kingdom Hearts 3D has it watered down drastically to just three games, and not very good ones at that.

Nevertheless, for Reports completion, here we go!


This minigame is activated when using the Balloon training toy with your Spirits.

The goal of the game is to gain points by passing balloons back and forth. You will end up doing better if you tap on the Touch Screen the balloons that are glowing with triangle markings. It’s pretty simple.

Light Cycle

This minigame can only be played by Riku on The Grid, and only after the first time it is played.

Here, you’ll basically want to defeat as many enemies as possible. Use your ribbon to defeat enemies from behind by blocking them, and use your assault shots to shoot at enemies in front of you. Simple enough. Survive until the end and you’ll have this registered, as well as a free Fleeting Fantasy.

Water Barrel

This minigame is played by activating the Water Barrel training toy with your Spirits.

Here, you’ll want to use tapping to push the Spirits towards the golden things for points. Bombs will boost your speed. That’s actually it. Again, another simple minigame.

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