So, after finishing Traverse Town again, we end up unlocking two more worlds. Let’s go to the Country of the Musketeers – which is France, I believe – because it has a lower Combat Level by eight.

When Sora dives, you’ll need to get 500 or more Prize Points, which is quite easy.

Country of the Musketeers

When you start, you find Donald, Mickey, and Goofy facing off against a Nightmare, with all but Mickey fleeing, and Sora left to slay the Nightmare and wonder why those three don’t remember him. Apparently, though, Mickey is under the guise of a Musketeer, as are Donald and Goofy, to solve some kind of problem.

Sora is only dazed further and, as Mickey is about to explain some more, Nightmares attack! You’ll first learn about this world’s Reality Shift, Wonder Comic: follow the directions on-screen to deal with it. As for the fight itself, it’s very easy given the openness of the area. Just take ’em on one at a time.

After the fight, everyone groups together and stuff from the The Three Musketeers really seems to simmer through - Sora gets left behind, much like D’Artagnan did for not being a Musketeer. Heh, I guess even Disney has a mild sense of actual humor. Sora does eventually word his way into the group and they do “the thing”.

You also a get a flashback.

Flashback: Overnight Musketeers

We see Pete grant Mickey, Goofy, and Donald the duty of becoming Musketeers, and their first mission becomes guarding Minnie. They do “the thing” as the scene closes.

Country of the Musketeers

Once you regain control, go to the southeast corner of the area and grab the Mega-Potion , then upstairs and to the southwest corner for an Ice Dream Cone 2 . Then go north along the ground to find a Paint Gun (Sky Blue x10) . Go east and use the Save Point and Moogle Shop, then speak with Mickey to go to the next area.

We watch as a Nightmare rushes at Princess Minnie’s carriage, and Sora is left to deal with the thing. The fight is pretty easy: back up and block any fireballs that come by, and physically strike the beast when possible. As a reward for winning, you’ll get the Tyranto Rex Recipe .

Afterwards, we find three thugs, quickly disabling Sora and taking Minnie with them. Crap. At least we met up with the other three guys. We later come upon the carriage, but it is empty. So where is Princess Minnie? No choice but to chase down the other guys and THEN go searching…

Once you regain control, use the nearby Save Point. Go east if you need some Spirits - you’ll borrow them from Zack. Go south and along the path. Once you reach a battle, scale the wall on the left and open the chest up there for a Shield Cookie 2 . Then scale the cliff north of there with Flowmotion to get a Firaga spell.

Continue along the path to the bridge. As you approach go left and down the ledges. After the quick fight there, open the chest for a Dream Candy . Begin crossing the bridge to the next area.

In the next area, go along the path up the stairs. Once you reach the blockade, jump over it and grab the Drop-Me-Not on the other side. From here, you can also see a chest in a cage on the other side of the tower. Go grab it and the Treasure Goggles within. Continue upstairs.

Past these stairs, a trio of baddies awaits.

At the top, you’ll find an Ice Dream Cone 2 to the north. Go up the stairs to the east and you’ll meet with the three Beagle Boys - the thugs that took Minnie. They’re not that hard to beat - a miniboss at best - so just take them on as you would regular Nightmares.

Afterwards, it seems that we’ve gotten Princess Minnie back safely, all thanks to Sora, and yet, Mickey gets the girl. The Beagle Boys seem to want another piece of you, and we’re all to happy to please them. Goofy seems to have quite the successful idea, and it works amazingly.

That night, as we return into the town, Goofy spots someone in the distance. Sora tries following, then Mickey stops him, then Donald flees in another direction. According to Donald, Captain Pete is going to kidnap Minnie - and he apparently didn’t make them official Musketeers.

As Donald hits the welfare list and leaves, we hear Pete cackling in the distance. Suddenly, he comes by and summons some Nightmares for Sora to deal with, and Mickey deals with Pete.

Suddenly, a Nightmare knocks Sora unconscious and he is awakened later by Donald and Goofy. Apparently, Mickey got taken to a drowning dungeon. We all decide to rush there and save Mickey.

When you regain control, go north to the next area, saving and shopping if you need to. Head to the shore. At the Shore, go along the linear path for a bit. At the part where two paths run west parallel to get each other, use the southern one to find a tunnel leading to a chest with a Paint Gun (Blue x10) .

Once you reach the shoreline, go south to the Special Portal. There, if you win the fight without using the X Button, you’ll get 50 DP , a Grim Fantasy , and a Royal Cake . I also received a Halbird Recipe , but I’m not sure if that wasn’t just an enemy item drop.

At the northeastern part of the beach, you’ll also find a Dream Candy chest. After grabbing it, go southwest and use the boat to head to the island.

At Mont Saint-Michel, go north, then west down an alley when possible. Go along the path to the end, then Flo-mo scale the wall to the Fleeting Fantasy chest. Go back to where you turned west and continue north. As you reach the northeast corner, you can get a chest with some Royal Cake inside.

Scale the wall to the Save Point and go south. At the stairs, jump over the edge to find a chest in the corner; open it for a Hi-Potion . Scale to the rooftops to reach the Portal. First, go south and into a semi-hidden alcove to find a Sparkga chest.

At the Portal, win without using the X Button to get 20 DP , a Wonderous Fancy , and an Ice Dream Cone 2 . Make your way north to the Save Point, use it, and go northwest to the next area.

Here, go along the path to the prison room. Here, break down the door of the second cell from the left, then proceed east to the chest in a similar manner. Open it for a Block-it Chocolate 3 , then activate Vanille’s nearby Portal; win using at least ten attacks when linked to get 20 DP , a Fleeting Fancy , and some Royal Cake .

Use the obvious way into the northern cells, then go west and north into a tunnel. Cross the gap to the chest and open it for Sonic Blade . Then go back to where you entered this room and break down the obstruction to the west. Go west and open the two chests in this small room for some Royal Cake and a Fleeting Fancy .

Return to the prison area and leave it to the west by normal means. As you run into a battle after heading downstairs, remember to strike down the crates to get at the chest with the Water Barrel . Go along the linear path.

Quick! Smash and bash your way through the sewers!

You’ll soon run into a pretty nasty Nightmare battle. And by nasty, I mean the sewage around you; the battle is barely any harder than the others around here. If you need to reach the enemies on the higher platforms, I suggest using Flowmotion off of the walls and attacking. Regardless, when you win, you’ll get Slide Roll .

Continue along the path and downstairs. When you go downstairs, turn south and destroy those boxes to get the chest with the Chef Kyroo Recipe . Continue to the end of the path and opt to climb on down.

In the next area, you’ll find Mickey drowning underwater, but soon saved by Donald, Goofy, and Sora from what was a certain death. As they continue speaking before leaving to save Minnie, you may remember the background theme from the Olympus Coliseum. What is it doing here?

Luckily for us, we automatically make our way towards the opera house where Minnie is being held captive. Well, part way. You just have to walk forward a few steps, examine the horses, and opt to go there. You can head to the training yard to save and shop, y’know.

When you arrive, you find that the Beagle Boys are taking Minnie inside in a treasure chest. Once you regain control, go east and north to a Block-it Chocolate 2 , then further north to a Drop-Me-Not (and a trapped chest). Also go to the southwest area to find a useful Hi-Potion .

Before going into the opera house to the north, consider using Zidane’s (Final Fantasy IX character) Portal south of the entrance if you need some Spirits. Inside the opera house, go west and use Vaan’s Portal and win without taking damage more than twice to receive 20 DP , a Fleeting Fantasy , and a Shield Cookie 2 .

Go west into the southwest corner to find a chest containing Confetti Candy 2 . Then save and shop back near the entrance, then go north. Go up two floors, then to the north side of the area for Block-it Chocolate 2 in a chest.

Go around south to get a Mega-Potion , then go down to the first floor. Go to the eastern staircase and air slide your way to the opposite ledge. Go along the path there for an Ice Dream Cone 3 . Leave the ledge and grab the nearby chest with a Hi-Potion , then head west and north to the next area.

There, you’ll find Minnie saved. Apparently, Pete tries to launch a crate onto the quartet as Sora comes in. Riku saves them and Sora tells everyone to leave so he can take on Pete, who brings along the Beagle Boys.

Boss: Pete

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
294.6 13.0 11.5 6.8


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Effective : Bind, Slow, Poison, Ignite

Boss: Beagle Boys

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
144.7 12.5 6.0 8.0


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Effective : Stun, Zantetsuken

When you win, Sora will have his Deck Capacity increased . After the fight, more Olympus Coliseum plays and Princess Minnie officially and truly makes the four of them Musketeers as they do “the thing”.

As Sora is alone in the training field, he ends up sealing the Sleeping Keyhole and also receives the All for One Keyblade .

After you leave this world, return to the Theatre where you fought the boss. There, in the southwestern area is a Dulcet Fancy , and a Confetti Candy 3 in the northeastern alcove. On the southern low portion of the area is a Special Portal - win using three Flowmotion attacks to get 60 DP , an Epic Fantasy , and a Royal Cake .

Also remember to backtrack through Mont Saint-Michel to the end where you rescued Mickey. At the end room, in the Cell, you’ll find a Tornado Strike in a chest.

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