Just the one? Easy peasy! Hang on… where are the prize points?

On your Dive down, you’ll have to get one Prize Point in seventy-five seconds or less. There are some about sixty to seventy seconds in, so don’t worry if it takes a while.

The Grid

As Riku arrives in what is an unfamiliar world to him, he finds his new duds and that weird flying machine. Some guards come by and try to capture him, and they sort of succeed. He meets up with Sam and learns just where the heck he is (to some extent).

He meets up with CLU and learns that he gets to do some Light Cycle battle and get his Light Cycle stick thing and runs off. In Light Cycle, to attack, you’ll use ribbons and weapons fire to attack the rear and front, respectively. Use Y to switch the two, and the A Button to attack.

This is absolutely the most fun you’ll have thus far - I wish Kingdom Hearts II had it like this! The ribbon will extend from the rear and damage any enemies that run into it - if some DANGER warning comes up, prepare to use it. If a biker or fly-guy gets in front, switch and laser ’em.

The big ol’ flying machine can’t be taken down, so don’t get overly worried about it.

After de-rezzing enough enemies, a big one will come up. Just laser it when it gets in front of you. You can still Jump with B (which I did a lot) and hold down A for continual shooting. After winning, you’ll get an HP boost .

In the following scene, Riku finally opts to use his lasers to escape and meets up with Sam, who claims he’s found a way out through the Portal. If he gets out, he can delete CLU and his dad, Flynn, can come home… He vanished in the Grid about ten years ago, trying to hide his disc from CLU.

Riku decides to help. First, we got to meet someone in the city.


Flashback: Father and Son

Flynn apparently tried to get back to the real world, but couldn’t because that Portal takes so much power to operate, so it won’t always be open. And it is only opened from the outside, so Flynn got stuck. The Portal got opened for a short time - about eight hours - when Sam got in.

But Flynn refuses to leave. Not for his own sake, but because his disc is the master key of this world. The worlds are greatly connected, and if a malign force like CLU escaped…

Apparently, CLU is planning something as well… Doing nothing, according to Flynn, is the only way to foil it. Whatever.

The Grid

Begin by using the nearby Save Point, then going south and grabbing the Panacea from the chest. Grind around the area if you want, then head to the east part of the area where a Water Barrel chest lies. Also on the east side is the boat or whatever to the next area. Examine it and go to the city.

In the City, actually go NORTH rather than south. When you hit the northbound rails, use the extra short one to reach a chest with a Fleeting Figment inside. Continue on to the top and then go down along the west wall on the other side to reach a chest with a Drop-Me-Not .

Dream Eaters… easier to kill then boredom, hopefully.

Backtrack to the entrance of the area and go south to meet up with Sam, who wants you to kill time until he returns. As Riku says, “Glad I get to fight more than boredom.” Defeat the Nightmares and move on. Using wide-range attacks like Circle Raid and the Dives really work well.

After the fight, Riku spots Sam carrying a limp body and being accompanied by an unknown man. When they meet up, it turns out to be Quorra (unconscious) and Flynn. We need to get a solar sailer apparently, so let’s.

Another flashback?

Flashback: The Stolen Disc

We find that Flynn has lost his disc, the master key of this world, and Quorra, though okay, is unconscious. Sam wants to stop CLU, but Flynn absolutely forbids it. They shall sit and wait.

Or perhaps get a solar sailer and beat CLU to the Portal!

The Grid

While on ground level, go to the northeast and open that chest for some Confetti Candy . Go up the nearby ramp and go to the next area.

At the Docks, go along the path to the north/south fork. Go south and you’ll soon find a laser. Defeat the nearby Nightmares and use Reality Shift on the laser, then use Flowmotion to get onto the northern wall.

Open the chest for Confetti Candy 2 , then use the nearby Vanille’s portal. Win without taking damage thrice or more to get 15 DP, a Troubling Fantasy , and something else.

Go along the path from before to reach a chest with Counter Aura , then go back to the fork and go use the other path. It is pretty uneventful.

At the second wall laser, use Reality Shift to auto-destruct it and reveal a hidden area. Open the chest for a Shield Cookie , then use Reality Shift on the thing in the room to unlock the doors nearby. Continue through the first door shown to find an elevator. Use it.

Continue along another uneventful path and have two more lasers auto-destruct to get the glass wall to shatter. Jump on down. Here, defeat the nearby enemies, then go southeast to the Drop-Me-Not , the west side of the room for a Balloon , and the west side of the central elevator (?) for a Potion .

Once you've spotted the save point, the solar sailer isn't much further away.

Go northeast to the Save Point, then opt to board the solar sailer.

As we sail, solar-style, Flynn fixes up Quorra and speaks on what CLU is. CLU is to Flynn as what Ansem is to Xehanort; Flynn’s search for perfection and Xehanort’s quest for knowledge led to the creation of evil entities: CLU and Ansem.

We realize that another Ansem may come at any time; for, after all, it is human to want to know more. Suddenly, it is apparent that CLU found us and we’re on a new course.

When we land, Quorra suddenly goes at Tron/Rinzler, sacrificing herself for our cause. We decide that we need to get the disc from the Throneship.

Once you regain control, go north. At your battle, you’ll find a chest with a Hi-Potion . Continue to the northwest corner to find another chest, this one with a Balloon . Use the special Portal and land ten attacks when linked to get 45 DP , a Lofty Fantasy , and a Royal Cake .

Go back to where you entered this Rectifier and go south. On a ledge near the stairwell, where you get a battle, is a chest with some Block-it Chocolate . Get on the nearby moving block and use it to reach a Fleeting Figment .

Go southeast to the top of the stairs and head south and off the ship on the other side, getting the Panacea from the chest in the western alcove on the way, and the southernmost chest with the S hield Cookie 2 .

Once down the stairs, go south and open the big chest for a Peepsta Hoo Recipe . Go north and up the stairs. Then go south along the eastern wall, opening the chest to get a Potion . Continue south and into the next area.

At the Rectifier 2F, go down the stairs to the south and go north and open the two chests for a Noble Figment and a Drop-Me-Not . Return to the entrance and go north and upstairs. In the area with your first fight, you’ll get a Potion . Continue up.

At the hexagonal area, continue along the linear path towards the Save Point and Moogle Shop. There, opt to continue to the northernmost portion of the area and open the chest there for Confetti Candy 2 . Defeat the enemies that attack, then Reality Shift the laser screen nearby to be able to “transport” you further north.

Open the chests up here for Block-it Chocolate 2 and Gravity Strike . Go back now and return to the Save Point. There, Save and shop, then continue on via the elevator into the next area. There, go south for a bit to have scene.

We find the disc that we were looking for, and also set off some security devices, alerting Tron/Rinzler to our presence. We manage to get him off our backs for now, so we need to head to the flight deck. Everyone is back together and we begin to fly off towards the Portal.

When you arrive, turn around and go open that chest for a Hi-Potion . As you go north and do some battles, on the east side is a Drop-Me-Not chest. Continue north past the cannons (which you can Reality Shift if they’re annoying) to an open area.

After a minor battle, continue north to the Save Point. Open the nearby chest for Paint Gun (Black x10) , then Save and continue north to the next area.

As they reach the Portal, they end up finding CLU. Flynn goes on alone to exchange banter with CLU before Riku decides to handle the fighting part of it.

Boss: Commantis

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
366.8 16.0 14.5 7.5


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
20% -30% 60% 20% 20% 20%

Effective : Slow

After the fight, Flynn tries to tell CLU about perfection and that it can never be noticed. CLU almost looks like he’s actually processing the information, and there goes the foot! Ouch… Sam attacks CLU to no avail. Then Riku gets the Keyblade ready for his strike as Flynn tells Sam and Quorra to go.

CLU kicks Flynn again and steals the disc, somehow upsets CLU, who jumps off. Sam has to go off alone through the Portal, with Quorra of course, but without his father… CLU tries to get into the Portal, to no avail, for Flynn absorbs him within him, causing the both of them to warp (hopefully) off somewhere else.

Riku is left alone with a closed Portal, contemplating about the gates between the worlds as the Sleeping Keyhole appears and he seals it, gaining the Dual Disc Keyblade in the process.

There are some more treasures you’ve yet to get, because of unvisited areas. I will guide you through them now.

Land in the City and head west to the Potion chest. Go east of the Save Point to the next open area and scale the southwestern walls there to find a chest with Thundara . Continue along the path to the Thoroughput - head northeast, north, east, and downhill and east.

Here, go east and south to the octagonal tower. Use Flowmotion to scale it and reach a chest with a Wondrous Figment . Return to the main path and head east to another octagonal area - on the east side, on a ledge, you’ll find a Shield Cookie .

Continue along to the next octagonal area. Around the center, you’ll find a chest with a Potion . Use Flowmotion to scale onto the western octagons and, on them, you’ll find a Royal Cake , with a Ice Dream Cone 2 on the northern one of the three octagonal towers.

Return back to the eastern of the three and get on the edge of the path to the next area. Go south and ride the rails to reach a chest with a Noble Fantasy .

So many chests; so little time.

Find a Save Point and use it to head to the Docks. Head into the Solar Sailer. There, go north and around the obstacle to find a Panacea . Go through the hole in the wall and defeat some enemies. Use the northern obstacle to go up a floor. Go south and destroy the laser with Reality Shift.

Go south outside. Head to the tops of the cars and, in the northwest corner, you will find some Treasure Goggles . Go to the paths between the cars and, on the east-central one, you can find a Paint Gun (White x10) .

Go into the eastern car and, at the south end, you can find a Hi-Potion . Head into the west-central car duo, Go to the north end of the first car to find a Drop-Me-Not . Use Reality Shift to destroy the laser and head into the next car. Go to the northern end of it to find a Wondrous Figment , a Royal Cake , and a Shield Cookie 2 , all in chests.

Return outside of the cars and get on top of them. Go to the southwestern duo and use Reality Shift to destroy the laser on top to open the car. Head to the bottom level and open the chest down there to find a Troubling Fancy .

That’s it, I believe.


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