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Another sleeping world to save; here goes!

On your Dive down, you simply need to get 700 Prize Points before reaching the goal. Easy.

Pranksters Paradise - Monstro

When you arrive, you find yourself inside Monstro. Seem familiar, Riku? You also hear Geppetto crying for his puppet/son Pinocchio. Once you gain control, go west and grab the Hi-Potion , then go east and Flo-mo onto the ledge for a Paint Gun (Blue x10) .

Flo-mo to the west for an Ice Dream Cone 2 , northeast to a Balloon , and onto the roof of the boat for a Panacea . Get onto the ship itself to shop and save. Use the nearby Special Portal and win in less than twenty seconds for 45 DP , a Vibrant Fantasy , and something else.

Go speak with Geppetto on the boat to learn that Pinocchio is missing because he freely ran off. Gee, nostalgia. Riku gladly offers to help and then speaks with Jiminy (who doesn’t remember him because of the whole dream thing) and learns that a man in a black coat went off with Pinocchio! Jiminy decides to come along with Riku.

When you regain control, save if you want, then go north to the next area. As if “north” can be strictly defined in a whale; it is better than saying “go towards the butt”.

In the Gullet, go northeast and in the corner on ground level to find a chest with a Hi-Potion , then go west and use Zack’s Portal - if you win in less than twenty seconds, you’ll get 15 DP , a Noble Fancy , and some Block-it Chocolate 2 .

Afterwards, go north from the southwest corner (where the chest is a BIG FAT PHONY!) and hug the western wall to find a Shield Cookie 2 chest.

Now scale the western wall and use the Reality Shift on the barrel, then float in the air southeast to a chest, which contains a Charming Fantasy . Then go back to the first barrel and get on the northeastbound wire to your north. Open the big chest you reach for a Sir Kyroo Recipe .

Hit the ground and go southwest for a minor fight, then go northeast and into the big pit. Defeat some enemies down here and open the chest nearby for some Treasure Goggles . Jump on the big stump to return to the top western edge of the pit, then use Flowmotion to cross the wire and defeat some enemies.

Ignore the entrance to the next area and go along the eastern path. Defeat some enemies as you progress towards the end, collecting a Shield Cookie 2 from a chest. At the end, scale the wall with Flowmotion to grab a chest with Mini inside. Backtrack to the entrance to the new area and go on through.

That was… complicated. Better press on while your brain hasn’t turned to mush.

Here, you’ll meet with Pinocchio and the black-cloaked man, who lets Pinocchio go. As Pinocchi and Jiminy chat, the man takes off his hood, revealing him to be… Riku!?

After he leaves, Riku comments on this as you receive the Chronicle entry for Kingdom Hearts: (Re:)Chain of Memories. Suddenly, something happens or crashes or something. Read the Chronicle so we can move on.

Once you regain control, use the nearby Save Point and look around for the chest containing a Hi-Potion . After this is done, head north. Use the Portal if you want some Spirits, then smack the thing to flip the room.

Go east and along the path to the tall wall. Go east and flip the room with the thing there, then open the chest for a Drop-Me-Not .

Leave this small room and go south to find some Block-it Chocolate 2 . Go north and into the small room there. Reflip the area and go south and out to find the Confetti Candy 2 , then re-enter and get on the upper ledge. Open the chest for a Collision Magnet . Go to ground level and north into the next area.

Here in Monstro’s Cavity, go northwest and use the Portal if you need some Spirits, then scale the wall with Flowmotion north of there to reach a Panacea . Go north on ground level and smack the bulbous thing to mess with the platforms here.

Go southeast, open the chest for a Confetti Candy 2 , and smack that thing to mess with the gravity. Go into the central water pit and open the chest for a Royal Cake . Scale the walls or something and make your way to the orange dot on the northern path of the map. Smack that bulbous thing.

After gravity re-re-affixes itself, go along the linear path to the north (oh, no, are we in the intestines!?) and do battle as you continue. Close to the end is a fork. Go along the western dead-end path (the appendix?) and open the chest for a Water Barrel , then go along the other path towards … you know.

Open the chest for a Drop-Me-Not , save, and go north to the next area. There, you’ll meet up with some weird things that attack you, then have a direct, and close, encounter with the Char Clawbster.

Boss: Char Clawbster

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
321.6 14.5 14.0 6.6


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
60% 0% 20% -30% 20% 20%

Effective : Poison

After obtaining your HP bonus , we find Geppetto happy to be reunited with Pinocchio. Riku comments on how it seems odd that he went into the past on the Destiny Islands, and it didn’t end there. Apparently, it has something to do with the world being free from, but not awakened, from the sleeping darkness, trapped in endless slumber and dreams.

Suddenly, the Sleeping Keyhole appears and Riku seals it, gaining the Ocean’s Rage Keyblade in the process.

For once, a unique gain!

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