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For Riku, the violence begins even before entering the world.

When Riku dives in, you’ll have to defeat 30 enemies in 80 seconds, which is very easy towards the end, where you have Mega Flare and large groups of enemies to contend with.

Symphony of Sorcery

Riku arrives to find Yen Sid’s tower floor covered in water from upstairs. You will soon regain control. Go north and grab the chest ( Water Barrel ), then leave the area to the south.

Outside, go east and open the chest for a Dream Candy , then go west a bit to find a Special Portal. Win the fight using three counterattacks to get 55 DP , an Intrepid Fantasy , and a Royal Cake . Open the chest west of the Portal to get more Royal Cake - it seems that Square Enix doesn’t know anything about eating healthy.

Return inside the tower and head upstairs. There, you find it even more flooded - something apparently happened while Mickey entered sleep caused by the dark book. Riku prepares to attack the book, but Mickey warns that it won’t work as you unlock a flashback.

The two introduce themselves and Mickey says that, to help him, Riku needs to find a Sound Idea. A book appears with a Sound Idea inside.

Flashback: A Magical Mishap

We watch as Mickey screws around with some magic in a continuation of the flashback we viewed as Sora. He makes some broom come to life – remind anyone of Final Fantasy I? – and has it do his work. And it works, sort of. Mickey slowly falls into a slumber and… Well, you connect the lines.

As Mickey awakens from nearly drowning, he finds that the brooms have rebelled and started flooding the tower. He tries stopping them, and we see Spellican fly off in the distance…

Symphony of Sorcery

Once you regain control, shop and save, then go into the book.

Inside the Moonlight Wood, go along the path to a battle. After ending it, look around and open the two chests to get a Mega-Potion and a Shield Cookie 3 . And does anyone recognize that music? I think it is from the Nutcracker. Heh. Anyways, near the Mega-Potion chest, use the Reality Shift on the music thing.

Continue along. Once you see a spot with the Portal on the map, go southwest and open the chest for a Confetti Candy 3 . Scale the nearby tree with some Flowmotion and open the chest at the top for an Intrepid Fancy .

Use Laguna’s (Final Fantasy VIII character) Portal and win without being damaged more than twice to receive 25 DP , a Fleeting Fancy , and an Ice Dream Cone 2 .

Return to where the Portal was and head eastward from the platform to find a Zero Graviza chest. Head west to an unvisited portion of the forest to find a chest with a Drop-Me-Not . Head southwest and you’ll find a frog like the one that challenged Sora in Prankster’s Paradise.

Beat it if you can. It seems to just be a continuation of that fight, so, yeah… Winning will net you an HP boost , new drop bonuses , and a Lord Kyroo Recipe . I didn’t list them here, since the thing seems to move from world to world…

After the fight, continue along the main path and you’ll soon reach what is a supposeable dead-end. Go northeast and open the chest for a Paint Gun (Green x10) and use Reality Shift on the musical thing to open a path. Head south to the next area afterwards.

Is that a save point? …Yup, it’s a save point.

In the Golden Wood, go north to the Save Point, then head northwest to find a Portal from Laguna, if you want to borrow some Spirits. Northeast of the Save Point, you can find a Paint Gun (Red x10) . Scale the wall behind it with Flowmotion to reach another musical thing. Reality Shift the crap out of it.

Air slide southwest to find an Elixir in a chest. Scale the tree to get to the leaf platforms above, then head north and you’ll find a chest with a Ryu Dragon Recipe .

Go south, far east, and scale the trunk to find a chest with an Intrepid Fantasy . Go to the southern leaves and ride the vine to the other ledge. Open the chest there ( Mega-Potion ) and continue into the next area.

At the Snowgleam Wood, follow the linear path to the lake. There, head to the lone island and use Reality Shift on the music thing to make another ice floe appear. Go along the new icy path that appears. When you reach the open area as you turn south, get off and open the chest for a Block-it Chocolate 3 .

Continue along the icy rail. At the gap, jump over and open the chest for a Dulcet Fancy . At the lake, defeat the enemies, then look to the northeast to see a chest. Air slide over to it and open it for some Treasure Goggles . Now head to the ice floe in the middle of the lake and use Reality Shift on it.

Now use Flowmotion to scale the south-central wall of the lake and open the chest atop it to find an Ice Barrage . Cross the aerial snowflakes and continue along the path that way to the northeast. After riding the ice, you’ll find an Ice Dream Cone 3 in front of you and to the left.

Continue along the path to find a Portal from Bartz (Final Fantasy V character) - win the fight while blocking at least attacks to win 25 DP , a Lofty Fancy , and a Shield Cookie 3 . Backtrack your way to the second icy lake - the one with the aerial snowflakes - and leave via the eastern path.

Use the Save Point you soon reach and head almost due east to find a Confetti Candy 3 chest behind a tuft of grass. Further ahead, you’ll find the Sound Idea, which becomes a part of Riku. You also get enveloped by darkness and fall endlessly towards a charred wasteland.

There, you’ll meet the unknown black-clothed man again near a volcano. The man notes how Riku, somehow, had the Keyblade first and had it taken away from him when he gave into the darkness in his heart. His mistakes end up being other people’s problems; Riku says he is here to change that.

The man also acknowledges Riku’s skill in trapping the darkness inside his heart - and, thusly, Riku is useless to “them”. But who are “they”? Before you get a precise explanation, you meet with the bat-winged creature Sora fought in Kingdom Hearts I as he was in the End of the World!

Boss: Chernabog

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
????? ????? ????? ?????


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
???% ???% ???% ???% ???% ???%

Effective : ???

After the fight, it seems we’ve returned to Yen Sid’s tower. Riku uses the Sound Idea, but to no avail. It seems we need one more. Suddenly, the one from Sora’s part of the world arrives and releases the hold of the darkness on both the book and Mickey.

The room is righted again, and Mickey awakens. After some chatting and being thanked, Riku finds and unlocks the Sleeping Keyhole, gaining the Counterpoint Keyblade as well.

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