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Time to tie up those loose ends…

Traverse Town

When Riku arrives, he wonders why he’s back here, then meets up with Joshua. He learns that Sora’s here and why he is here. They need to get rid of a world-jumping, strong summoning Nightmare - Beat and Rhyme are having trouble. They need to reach the Fountain Plaza to find it.

We also learn that the two Traverse Towns are distinct worlds, in theory; at least, time runs differently. Once you regain control, use Flowmotion to get on top of the northwestern overhang for a Rampant Fantasy , then go south and west on ground level to find a Potion in the alley.

Go between the poles near where you arrived to find a Portal from Locke (Final Fantasy VI character) - win using three or more Flowmotion attacks to get 10 DP , a Rampant Figment , and some Confetti Candy .

Head along to the Second District to the north, now. Northeast of the entrance, use Flowmotion to reach the roof, where you’ll find a Balloon chest. Work north to the clock tower and grab the Yoggy Ram Recipe , then go east onto the lower level for a Block-it Chocolate .

Head east to the Third District and, there, use Flowmotion to scale the area southwest of the entrance and you’ll find an Ice Dream Cone on a ledge.

Then go west to the Back Streets. Go along the path south and hit the wall rather than go north. Scale the wall with Flowmotion to reach a chest with a Troubling Fantasy inside. Then hit the ground.

Here, go along the path to where you walk under a bridge and the Save Point is in view on the map to the north. Scale the walls with Flowmotion to get on the bridge, then go north and along to the next area. Use the Save Point as you do. Here in Fountain Plaza, go along the path to the fountain itself.

There, you find Beat and Rhyme fighting the Nightmare with no success. We just simply talk with the big Nightmare nearby… Regardless, it is rather humorous and eventually, the big bird screams and summons some Nightmares. You get stuck with Big Bird while Beat and Rhyme take care of the small fries.

Go along the path back across the area to the Back Streets. As you get to the bridge, it flees further down the road, sending a swarm of Nightmares at you.

Slay ’em and move on - Flowmotion and wide-range attacks will make it easy to slay them all in about a minute. Winning nets you an HP increase , new drop bonuses , and a Cara Terror Recipe .

Joshua comes and tells you to head to the Third District so we can pit the Big Bird between worlds and almost guarantee its destruction.

Continually backtrack there: back to the First District, north to the Second, and east through the alleyway to the Third District. As you prepare to finish it, it goes to the other Traverse Town to let Sora handle it.

This… looks familiar. Oh well, let’s not think too hard about it.

Yeah, I THOUGHT we did this already - seal the Sleeping Keyhole. You end up getting the Knockout Punch Keyblade for your efforts.

Also, we’re still missing some chests. Head to the Fourth District and go to the southern exit, then northeast into the alcove for a Potion . Head to the Fifth District - its entrance is near the Flick Rush area - and to the northwest corner for a Troubling Fantasy .

Go east to find a Block-it Chocolate . Then go south into an eastern alcove for a Hi-Potion . Go to the southern part of the building roof to find a Special Portal. Win it without using X Button commands to get 60 DP , a Malleable Fantasy , and a Royal Cake . Then go into the Garden.

In the Garden, go forward to the Drop-Me-Not , then head northwest to reach a Portal. Win with at least three Flowmotion attacks to get 20 DP , a Rampant Fantasy , and some Confetti Candy . Then use Flowmotion to scale the northeastern area to find a Royal Cake .

Also return to the Fountain Plaza and open the chest atop the fountain for a Blizzard Edge .

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