So, when we decide to move forward, we have three worlds to choose from. This one has the lowest combat level (8), so let’s start here, shall we?

On your Dive down, you’ll end up needing to defeat 15 enemies. Pretty simple, given all of the magic you can grab.

La Cité des Cloches

When you arrive, as Sora, you’ll be halted by some judge for supposedly being a gypsy. The captain mentions that some monsters have taken over the square, so you run off as the judge remarks on his efforts to remove the gypsies as he glows with an evil aura.

You’ll then learn about the Reality Shift here, Faithline. Connect the dots on the Touch Screen and you’ll slide along them, damaging any enemies you happen to hit. Once you regain control, go north and use the Save Point and Moogle Shop, then continue into the next area.

There, you’ll find Quasimodo riding one of the Dream Eaters. As the judge and captain come in, the elephantine Dream Eater suddenly goes crazy, as do the others, and prepare to attack. Sora intervenes as Esmeralda, a gyspy, flees with Quasimodo.

The following Nightmare battle is a little difficult, but pretty basic and nothing special. Afterwards, Sora wonders if Quasimodo is okay. Go forward and into the building. There is a Portal on the northwestern portion of the field you may want to check first; if you win, you’ll get some stuff.

Inside the Nave of the cathedral, go forward and beat up some enemies, then go east and use Bartz’s Portal (Bartz is from Final Fantasy V) for another battle; do three Flowmotion attacks and you’ll win 10 DP , a Lofty Figment , and some Royal Cake . The cake is a lie! shot

Head to a northwestern alcove to find a Block-it Chocolate . Then go southeast to the center of the area, then east to find a Potion . Use Flowmotion to get on the upper level of ledges. On the southeastern one, you get a Water Barrel ; on the southwestern, a Drop-Me-Not ; on the northern one, a Royal Cake .

Don't get lost now; if you do, check the map on the bottom screen.

There’s not much else to do. Go north and grind a bit, then go to the northeast part of the area and, behind a pillar, is a chest containing a Drop-Me-Not . Then go through the door west of the entrance to the Square again. Go left, around the corner, and through the door.

Here, Sora comes upon Quasimodo, apparently okay, a fact confirmed by the talking gargoyles nearby. After Sora’s freak-out, Quasi and Esmeralda take a rather unconventional way out.

The gargoyles reveal that they are friends with Quasimodo and how Judge Frollo forbids him to leave - supposedly it is a favor for the people because of his facial disfigurement.

You’ll then get a flashback.

Flashback: Frollo Cautions Quasi

We watch Judge Frollo caution Quasi on going out into public because he’s ugly and that he’ll be treated horribly because the world is cruel. If he was to go out into the world, he’d be unprotected by his only “friend”; so why not stay in this sanctuary?

La Cité des Cloches

Once you regain control of Sora, go west to the Save Point, if you want. Use Flowmotion to reach a northeastern ledge on the second level with a Balloon , then go up another level and west to find a Drop-Me-Not . Go to the southeast corner for a Dulcet Figment , then hit the ground north of the Save Point to find another Drop-Me-Not . Then leave to the Square.

Here, use Flowmotion to go south over the edge of the building and reach the ground. Defeat some enemies and go southwest. Near the wall, behind the tent, is a chest with an Ice Dream Cone . Leave heading west and Sora will meet up with the captain from before.

Apparently, the Court of Miracles is the gypsies’ haven within the city; if Judge Frollo gets there, they’re doomed. Suddenly, Quasi comes by and we learn that he’s lost Esmeralda. However, the pendant he received from her happens to be a map to the Court of Miracles!

Go west towards the exit from the square, then go north to find a chest. Open it for a Potion . Open the southeastern and northeastern chests for a Balloon and Block-it Chocolate , then go southwest to leave the area.

In the Town, you’ll have to defeat three of the big flower Nightmares. Go forward and defeat one of them. Then go south, east, and southeast to find a stall with an orange tarp over it. Jump on it to reach the rooftop. Make your way to the northeastern corner of town for another.

Look for the orange tarp–you'll need it to reach new heights.

As you do, keep in mind that the dandelion-like flowers will poison you - not good at all. The final one appears just south of there near the big door; beat this final one for an HP increase .

Go west into an open area, where you should find a Wheeflower Recipe . Head into the southwesternmost area to find a chest with a Troubling Fancy . Flo-mo scale the southwestern wall to find a chest with Sparkra at the end.

Somewhere around here is a Portal, which, if you win without being damaged thrice, you’ll get 10 DP , a Dulcet Fantasy , and a Royal Cake .

In one of the southwestern alcoves (bad notes, sorry), you can find a Lofty Figmen t on one of the northeastern ledges. Go to the southeastern corner of the area and use Flowmotion to hit the roof to find a Lofty Figment . Go west and use Flowmotion to scale the clock tower to find some Treasure Goggles on the south side.

Return to the northwestern part of the area and go along the ground path. As it turns north, there is a fork visible on the map. Continue north and scale the wall with Flowmotion to reach an Ice Dream Cone .

Use that big door in the southeastern part of the Town to reach the next area.

Go north. As you do, near the east side of the entrance chunk, near a tent, you will find a chest with some Block-it Chocolate .

In the first tower is a chest with a Shield Cookie , as well as a Portal from Zack (character of Final Fantasy VII) - defeat all of the Spirits, using at least three Flowmotion attacks, to get 10 DP , a Shield Cookie , and a Troubling Fantasy .

In the second tower, you can get a Potion . In the final chunk of bridge, behind an overturned wagon, you will find Paint Gun (Red x10) in a chest. Continue to the next area.

Here in the Outskirts, go along to the Special Portal under the overhang to the east. Win in under 20 seconds for 40 DP , a Lofty Fantasy , and a Royal Cake . Go along eastward from there to the fork in the path. Go along the southern branch and loot the chest with the Potion .

Then go into the nearby eastern alcove for a Balloon; then go along the northern path from before for the Drop-Me-Not . Go to the western half of the southernmost portion of the area and open the two chests for a Confetti Candy and Noble Figment . Then go into the northeastern alley of the area and continue onto the next one.

At the Graveyard Gate, go along to the Save Point, then go east to the southeastern corner of the area, beating enemies on the way to your Drop-Me-Not chest. Go to the northwestern corner for a Potion , then to the northeastern one for an Ice Dream Cone . Then use the nearby entrance to the next area.

Go along the path in the Tunnels. At the east/south fork, go south and open the chest for an Ice Dream Cone 2 . Investigate the southern wall and smash the target. Go along the path and you’ll soon find a Portal. Use it and win in 20 seconds or less for some treasures: 10 DP , a Dulcet Figment , and something else.

Use the Faithline from where you used the Portal to go north twice. Destroy the thing there to stop the drop-speeding gas. Go to the ground now and go into the northern alcove and open the chest for a Noble Fantasy , then go into a southeastern alcove to find a chest with Sleepra .

Then go to the northeastern area and, on the north side of the northwestern rock, is a chest. Open it for a Paint Gun (Purple x10) .

Remember where the Portal was? Use the Faintline near there to go as far northeast as possible and open the nearby chest for a Drop-Me-Not . Then ride the Faithline to the northwestern portion of the area to find a chest with a Block-it Chocolate 2 .

Now, hit the ground and go to the east-central wall of the northeastern open area. There is a false wall near here you can break down. Break it down and go along the path south to the next area.

Avoid the ground until you can break the gas-spewing trap.

Here in the Old Graveyard, go south and east for a bit of a fight, then go to the northeastern corner of the area to find a Drop-Me-Not in a chest. Then go to the southern part of the area and use the entrance to go to the next area.

In the Catacombs, go along the path to the lower pit. After the battle there, break the western wall down and go on over to the chest, which contains a Fire Windmill . Use Flowmotion to scale the walls at the end of the path to find a chest with a Water Barrel on an upper ledge.

Then go along the southeastern path into a larger, more open area. There, use the Faithline go southeast. Destroy the gas-spewing thing there so you can go on the ground without speeding up drops.

Then use Flowmotion to go southwest and to a ledge with a chest; open it for a Drop-Me-Not . Then use the Faithline to go to the southeastern corner of the area and open another chest, this one with a Shield Cookie . Then the ground and break down the southeastern wall to find a chest; open it for a Toximander Recipe .

Then break down the northeastern wall. Go south and along the path into the next area. As you do, go southwest onto a ledge to find a Royal Cake .

Hey! It’s the Court of Miracles! Save and shop go the east, then go north to find another Portal from Bartz. Block three enemy attacks in the resulting fight to get 10 DP , a Lofty Fantasy , and an Ice Dream Cone .

Now, afterwards, go to the tent a bit east of the Moogle Shop and jump on it, then move north and west to a ledge with a chest containing a Hi-Potion . Go north along the western wall from the southwest corner to also find some Block-it Chocolate .

Then go northeast and up the ramps to a carpet. Flo-mo on it to the chest, which contains Thunder Dash . Save and shop again, if you wish, then go north and east from those two things to find Esmeralda.

Speak with her to warn her that Frollo is coming, but we’re too late! He summons some Nightmares to attack us, then takes Esmeralda to be burned alive… And Sora also gets knocked unconscious.

When he awakens he finds everyone gone, and hurries to the Square automatically where he finds the fire already set. Quasi comes down to save Esmeralda from being burned. You are left to fight that annoying Wargoyle.

Boss: Wargoyle

**Max HP** **Strength** **Magic** **Defence**
253.4 13.5 10.5 6.6


**Fire** **Blizzard** **Thunder** **Water** **Dark** **Light**
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Effective : Sleep

After the battle, Frollo tells Quasimodo just how his mother died and how he’s about to meet a similar fate. They fall off the cathedral, with Frollo soon heading into the fiery pits of Hell, and Quasi being saved by Esmeralda and Captain Phoebus.

Sometime later, we find Phoebus and Esmeralda being wed, and Quasimodo decides to venture into the world. Suddenly, Sora meets up with the black-coated man, and an Ansem-possessed Sora-thing. You’ll unlock the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Chronicle entry as Sora seals the Sleeping Keyhole…

Oh, and the Guardian Bell Keyblade , too.


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