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Kingdom Hearts III

Hundred Acre Wood

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli

Tea with Merlin

Having arrived back in Twilight Town to meet the Wizard Merlin, wait for the Tram to make it’s way around to you and snap a picture of it to complete Photo Mission #10 which will allow you to Synth a Draw Ring. Head over to the Bistro now and you’ll find Merlin sat with some tea. Following the cutscene, Merlin will leave the book for The Hundred Acre Wood on the table allowing you to visit some old friends.

Rabbit’s House

After catching up with some old friends, you’ll find yourself outside Rabbit’s House, a small area with not too much to find. There are however a few Lucky Emblems to find before you go about your business. From your current location, face where Pooh and Piglet are standing and look into the distance to find some trees that form Lucky Emblem #1.

Head over to the garden now and you’ll find a large pumpkin to your left, go behind this to spot Lucky Emblem #2. Finally, head over to Rabbit’s House itself and you’ll find some clothes hung up to dry to the left of it. Take a look inside the bucket to find Lucky Emblem #3, this should be your 55th and will reward you with a Defense Boost.

(1 of 3) Look out to the trees for the first emblem

With the Lucky Emblems taken care of, head over to Rabbit’s vegetable field and agree to help him pick some vegetables. This will begin a minigame where you’ll need to use Sora’s Keyblade to match vegetables with five of the same type to clear them. You can adjust the trajectory with the [LEFT STICK] before you releast the action button and you can even see the path it will take.

The conditions are extremely lenient and as long as you are quick about placing your vegetables, you should have no problem hitting the required quota for Rabbit. Be sure to use Tigger’s help once the Bonus Gauge is full to boost you count significantly. You’ll obtain some vegetables of your own following the collection that you can make use of in the Bistro.

Rabbit will request Sora’s help on picking fruit at the Orchard next, head over to the sign and examine it to begin the next minigame. This minigame follows the same rules as the vegetable field with one difference, you’ll need to be quicker in your strikes to avoid the fruit rolling into the river. Follow the steps in the other minigame and once again make use of Lumpy every time the Bonus Gauge is full and you’ll have no problems.

(1 of 2) make use of the Bonus Gauge whenever it’s available.

make use of the Bonus Gauge whenever it’s available. (left), Be quick to avoid the fruit rolling into the river (right)

You’re not done there however, Rabbit has one final request for Sora as he needs help with his flower patch. Once again the minigame revolves around striking flowers into the same type with the spin this time being the Honey Pots. The objective is to bring them down to the bottom of the pile so that they can be collected and once again, using the aid of the Bonus Gauge will make this a lot quicker. You’ll have a time limit to do this in but you’ll have more than enough time to complete the task in. Following the cutscenes after the minigame, you’ll find yourself back in Twilight Town and will obtain the Hunny Spout Keyblade.

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Home Again

Adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood and complete the story.

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Before you depart from Twilight Town, head over to the Now Showing board to the west of the Bistro to discover two new Classic Kingdom games have appeared, Classic Kingdom: Building a Building and Classic Kingdom: The Mad Doctor. Head over to the Moogle Shop next and you’ll discover a new Photo Mission has appeared, head back in the Hundred Acre Wood (using the book at the Bistro) and snap a picture of the Scarecrow to complete Photo Mission #15 which will unlock the Slayer’s Earring.

Return to the World Map and switch back over to the Misty Stream Galaxy once more, there’s only one other World available to you right now so plot a course for Arendelle to continue the adventure.

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