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Watch Dogs
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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:31 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 22-03-2019 / 21:08 GMT

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Act 2

Planting a Bug

This mission begins in a bar in The Wards, where you can find the Audio File: Iraq 06 on the counter. Head to the Rossi-Fremont Tenement again and enter through the south gate. There are a few enemies to take care of first, but they shouldn’t pose much of a threat. After it is clear, head inside the building via the locked door and call Bedbug. Time for another escort quest, this time with Bedbugs.

Bedbug starts by the elevator, with one Viceroy that patrols down the hall and into a tiny alcove with a System Key on the table. Wait for the Viceroy to enter the alcove and then move Bedbug up the hall, quickly activating the next camera and making sure he is on the other side of the crates before the Viceroy leaves the alcove.

Bedbug starts just outside the elevator (left). Make sure that the Viceroy's are facing away when you move him (right).

Move to the laptop camera and then the camera inside the next room for a better view and then move Bedbug inside against the right wall. Switch cameras so you can see the Viceroy here better and target the opposite side of the desk, closest to the camera, so that when the Viceroy moves right you can move Bedbug behind the desk.

There are two Viceroys in the next room, one of which will never move out of the way without a bit of persuasion. Hack the camera in the next room so that the stationary man is in front of you and look right to find a phone that you can use to attract him. You need to attract the first Viceroy with the phone and then get Bedbug across to the L shaped desk without the Viceroy on the left spotting him. Timing is important, so don’t attract the stationary Viceroy until the one on the left is leaving the doorway.

Attract the Viceroy with the cell phone (left) and then quickly hide behind the L-shaped table (right).

Once Bedbug is safe behind the desk, go back to the previous camera and then hack into the hall and move Bedbug behind one of the piles of sandbags. Scout ahead with the cameras so that you are in the room with the shutter between you and Bedbug and then move him to the doorway.

You can use the phone to attract the Viceroy’s attention while Bedbug moves down the hall and then use the shutter to distract him while you move him into the dark hallway, but make sure to quickly change cameras to the laptop and then the next hall and get him against a wall before the Viceroy looks that way.

You can now move Bedbug to the door, which you can hack open, and then access his camera to the next doorway. Once Bedbug stops you’ll need to hack the nearby camera and then hack the access point to unlock the door for Bedbug.

Solve the hotspot to allow Bedbug access to the server room.

Dude is a pretty big coward, but I almost feel sorry for him at this very moment. With reinforcements on the way you need to get out of there quick, ideally with a car. Hop in the nearest car and use the usually evade and escape tactics to complete this mission.

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