City Games

City Games are a type of mini-game that take place throughout Chicago. These can be anything from common board games to gambling games. All City Games result in some type of reward after beating enough opponents or levels.

Play City Games like Puzzle Path Chess (left) or the Shell Game (right).

Cash Runs

Cash Runs are parkour-based AR phone games with the object to collect large gold coins and avoid big red skulls. You can make your own courses using the Challeneges App, but there are plenty to play if you don’t wish to. You should take a first run at walking speed to get the lay of the track since Cash Runs are all about memory and precision. You can rearrange objects in the city to make the track easier for you, but in the end you will need to know when and where to sprint at full pace and when to slow up.


  • P-9MM Weapon (Earn 1 Gold Star)
  • Blast Resistance Skill (Earn 3 Gold Stars)


While Watch Dogs has a standard Chess game, there are also four different types of modes to play: Capture, End Game, Path, and Survival. In Capture puzzles you must prevent pawns from reaching the other side of the board. In End Game puzzles you must checkmate your opponent in a specific number of moves. In Path puzzles you must capture all pieces on the board in as few moves as possible. In Survival puzzles you must keep your King from being checkmated for a specific number of moves.


  • Maximize Focus Skill (Complete 10 Chess Puzzles)

Drinking Games

A test of concentration and reflexes, the Drinking game require you to move the highlighted circle over the buttons indicated on the screen and press them. Unlike many of the other games, the Drinking game offers a substantial cash reward that is handy at the beginning of the game.


  • Piledriver Weapon (Reach the 5th Level vs. 1 Opponent)
  • Social Lubricant Trophy/Achievement (Complete the 10th Level vs 3 Opponents)
Trophy icon
Social Lubricant

Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents.



The NVZN can be accessed at the NVZN Graffiti or in the smartphone app at any time. The object is to kill the invaders before time runs out, with every 4th wave becoming a bonus wave and the 13th wave being the most difficult. This is best done in locations without civilians, such as the islands in the game, and with all skills that increase Focus purchased.


  • Auto Weapons Expert Skill (Reach Level 5)

Poker Games

There are games of Texas Hold ’Em in many locations of the city, many of which have ctOS cameras that allow you to look at your opponents hands. In addition to cheating by sneaking a look at cards, your phone will also show the stress levels to determine if your opponent is bluffing.


  • Sayonara Le Vehicle (Clear Out 1 Table)

Shell Games

A popular game one might see on the streets, your object is to follow the ball as it is shuffled via cups on the table. Watch out for the hustler switching the ball from one cup to another when the cups tip slightly and use Focus to help you pass the harder levels.


  • XP Bonus (Beat 3 Levels)

Digital Trips

Digital Trips are pills that can be taken to transport you into alternate versions of Chicago while high. There are a total of 5 different trips, all of which you should visit to unlock the free outfit at the Clothing shops in town.

Slot Machines

There are three types of Slot Machines in Watch Dogs: Regular, Multi-Line, and Nudges & Holds. In some cases you can hack the machines, but in other cases you will only receive information on the machines, indicating if the Jackpot was hit recently.

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