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The Rossi-Fremont Tenements area is packed with Viceroy and a sniper, all of which will not hesitate to become aggressive toward Aiden on sight. There are many entrances to the yard, but I find that the southwest through a fence door with wood panels is the easiest to handle.

While many of the Viceroys are wearing explosive devices, explosions will cause your enemies to investigate and go off their normal pattern. If you plan to follow this stealth route I suggest you do not activate any explosives unless indicated to.

Enter the southwest door and hide behind the wood panels and take a look around. You’ll notice that a Viceroy sniper in the house at the middle of the area is looking around, but we can avoid him for a minute and use the concrete structures to head east. Your target is to get to the building entrance in the middle and take out the sniper that makes progress through the west side of the area difficult. Once the sniper is taken care of you can grab the Audio File: Maurice Vega 03 on the opposite side of the building and then head back downstairs.

Head up the central building to get the Maurice Vega 03 audio log (left) and take out the sniper. Now work your way countclockwise around the yard.

The best route to take is counter-clockwise, using the concrete and then the cars to reach the Viceroy by the main gate and take him down. Keep heading north around the green container and wait for the patrolling Viceroy to either be close enough to activate the forklift and distract him for a takedown or head off into the center so you can take out the stationary one. Once the stationary guard is taken down you can disable the first terminal and if the patrolling Viceroy is still alive he will likely come to investigate his fallen buddy at some point, allowing you to take him down as well.

Continue around the outside of the area and you should come across the Audio File: Iraq 02 on some pipes. The building to the east has two snipers on it, causing a major problem when trying to get close. Luckily, both snipers are standing next to junction boxes that you can explode to take them out, but first you’ll need to get in close enough.

Get the Iraq 02 audio log on the stack of pipes (left) and then head toward the complex and focus on the snipers (right).

The left sniper is easy to get to, since we have already cleared a path. Using cover, get close enough to the left sniper to get a headshot on him and then kill the Viceroy blocking your path to the right sniper. Once cleared, use cover to make your way over enough to spot the right sniper and headshot him. This should make it easy to clear out the final Viceroy and deactivate the two remaining terminals.

Once you unlock all three terminals reinforcements may arrive between you and the ctOS Tower. This is where aggressive force, if you haven’t already been using it, comes in handy. Use cover and keep moving so that their grenades don’t hit you and you should take them all out in no time. Once it is clear, head toward the waypoint to grab the Audio File: Iraq 01 and then activate the tower.

After activating the tower you will need to either escape or destroy the reinforcements. Luckily they all come through the same gate, so a couple of bombs or proximity IED’s to take out the cars as they arrive and then deal with the remaining enemies will end the mission pretty quickly.

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