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As usual, Jordi is his normal nutty self and wants use to dispose of some of his old bodies…via an IED bomb. Well, at least you get to blow up an ice cream truck, right?

After the death of the ice cream truck, grab a vehicle from the alley and make your way to the Brick Factory. At the waypoint you can grab some IED’s, left by who knows, and then hack into the Audio File: Bedbug 02 . I suggest you check out the area to learn where the environmental traps are and put up the Protectors to prepare for the fight ahead. Once you are ready, hack into the Camera HDD to begin a countdown.

Grab the Bedbug 02 audio log (left) and then set up your IED’s for the upcoming fight (right).

You have two minutes to place traps and prepare for the incoming enemies. I suggest you place at least two bombs on each side of the area, one on each of the places marked as car parking spots and then one by the main gate and another by the small door in the fence on the east side. After all traps are up, head up the stairs on the east side of the area and then use the cameras to spot incoming enemies. Use the cameras to track the incoming enemies and blow the bombs when needed to take out the enemies. If they manage to get inside the factory you’ll need to take them out with your firearms, but you should have a height advantage on the enemies below.

A phone left by one of the Viceroy will ring, but ignore it and make sure you are on the west side of the area before you hack into it. The phone call is from Bedbug, but the surviving Viceroy is going to be our target. Once he hops in the car and runs for it you can chase after him in another vehicle chase.

Set up the car so that it faces out back (left). Once you hack the phone make a run for the car and drive it straight out to kill the Fixer (right).

It is possible to kill the Viceroy before he even gets in his car. To do this you want to ignore the phone call and grab a car out back and park it facing east, the direction without the gate (a car will also spawn on this location if you reload the last checkpoint enough, but make sure to turn it around). Stand next to the car door and hack the phone and then hop inside and hit the gas, which will drive you straight into the Viceroy that has dropped out of thin air.

Once the Viceroy is dealt with you can meet up with Bedbug in The Loop, but don’t head straight for his car or you’ll be spotted and fail the mission. Instead, creep your way into the park and follow him using the small walls and bushes, Assassin’s Creed style, and call his phone. Wait for his buddies to leave and then hack the junction box to blackmail Bedbug and complete the mission.

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