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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 23-09-2020 / 17:03 GMT

Back at The Bunker Aiden will finally admit he NEEDS Clara and the two will team up. Use the laptop to access the Viceroy’s hangout and then hack the first camera to reach the access point. This access point is timed and can be difficult to figure out, but don’t panic and take your time to figure it out. Focus on unlocking the nodes closest to the beginning point and then use those to reach the ones further away until you solve the puzzle.

After solving the hotspot (left) grab the Iraq 03 audio log on the planter (right).

After solving the hotspot (left) grab the Iraq 03 audio log on the planter (right).

Once through the network you’ll be deeper inside the building with the Audio File: Iraq 03 sitting on the island below. You’ll need to hack the elevator button and then quickly hack the camera inside the elevator before the doors close to progress.

There are a bunch of cameras in the next area and you should slowly work your way up until you can access the hidden camera on one of the Viceroy, who will lead you down a hall where you can hack another camera and then the next access point. This puzzle is actually pretty easy to solve due to the nodes all being in line with each other along a path. Simply unlock all the nodes and then shift the node to the right of the beginning point to the final lock and make sure it has a beam to complete the puzzle.

Solve the hotspot by sending the beams down first (left) to unlock the bottom node (right).

Solve the hotspot by sending the beams down first (left) to unlock the bottom node (right).

Deeper inside the tenement is the arcade room with some familiar sounding games and then hack the camera by the pool table off to the right. From here you can access a computer with an interesting email and then hack the camera on the other laptop. Ignore the camera on the ATM and pan up to hack a camera above you, where you can find the Audio File: Iraq 04 on the floor. Follow the cameras to another access point that only has two nodes that need to be unlocked, which is pretty easy to figure out on your own.

Hack the cameras to get to the main room and grab the Audio File: Iraq 06 nearby. You want to hack the camera on the wall inside the room to continue to make your way across the rooms to a hall with another Viceroy carrying a hidden camera. This will lead you to a laptop with a camera that has another camera directly across from it, which will lead to a locked door. After a long scene you will complete the mission.

Note: Take a look at the new and improved hideout that Clara has made a pretty comfy place, complete with a bed and wardrobe for you to change your clothes.

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