Head back to The Bunker and meet up with Clara to discuss your next step. Looks like Raymond Kenney might be our next link in the chain, so let’s go find him. Head to the new waypoint in The Wards and carefully approach the restricted zone.

South Entrance & Upper Balcony

By approaching from the south you can kill the one Fixer in the parking lot and take the stairs to an upper balcony. Here you have an advantage over the enemies or you can hop down the left side to access the computer without a fight.

Western Entrance

There are many different access points from the west side, with only one Fixer patrolling outside. You can either head through the doors on the lower level to go for a stealth run or take the lift up to get a height advantage in a gun battle.

Choose an access point to the small abandoned building (left) and take out the Fixers guarding the inside and outside (right).

Stealth Route - Quiet Approach

Start at the outer western area and make your way clockwise around the area, taking out the three outside Fixers. You can then enter from the upper balcony and take out the enemy by the computer, leaving only one or two Fixers left to deal with.

Aggressive Route - Fight in the Yard

There are plenty of cover spots in the yard that you can use while taking out the Fixers with headshots, drawing their buddies outside. If you have a Spec-Ops weapon you can enter on either balcony and take out all the Fixers without them even having a clue that something is up, but if not you can also use the balconies for a height advantage in a firefight.

Kill off all the Fixers (left), gather the resources, and set down IEDs at every entrance (right).

After taking out all the Fixers make sure to grab any crafting items and ammo and then craft up tools. I suggest putting a Proximity IED under the western balcony and possibly the eastern side of the north entrance before you begin the upload to the computer. Once the upload begins you’ll need to hold the fort and eliminate all the Fixers.

Due to the aggressive nature of the enemies you will have no choice but to pull out your gun and go on the offensive. If you put down that Proximity IED you will take out a good third of the enemies with the explosive chain reaction and then just have to deal with the stragglers. If you don’t have Proximity IEDs then you can throw a standard IED or grenade when the enemies arrive.

Hack into the computer (left) and hold off the Fixers until the download is complete (right).

Once all the enemies are dead you should make sure to grab all the ammo dropped before you head to the computer to wipe it. You should also prep a truck by the north exit, facing away, so that when you wipe the computer you can sprint for the car.

The Fixer escapes in a fire truck, not the easiest thing to bring down, and you will also have to deal with police scans. As you chase after the culprit on the freeway make sure to Jam Comms the police so you can get out of the area and when he reaches town use the Traffic Lights and Blockers to stop him. If he hops out of his vehicle you can run him over to complete the mission.

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Who Is Raymond Kenney?

Complete Act 2 .


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